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This + That + This: The Modern Handmade Home


I’ve been a fan of TheGRQP for some time now. I don’t know of two artists who’ve worked harder to build a design business with so much creativity and integrity. Their collection of handmade San Francisco Bay Area prints and other works are unique and should definitely be on your list of must-have graphic arts.

Their Series 256 prints are especially a favorite of mine and I’ve included it in the trio of goodies below. It pairs so well with these two handmade picks from the Pinklion shop. Be sure to check out all 3 items and let me know what you think.

This-That-This-LM-011116 The Modern Handmade Home

From the top: Colony Chandelier by Alex Buchman Studio via Pinklion, My Writing Desk by EMKO via Pinklion, Series 256 – Based on the colors from Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory by TheGRQP.

About this collection:

  • Colony Chandelier by Alex Buchman Studio via Pinklion: Colony Chandelier consists of seven intricate 3d printed shades designed by Alex Buckman using digital craft. These shades are connected to CNC machined aluminium fittings that hold the LED and LED base. The LED component is recessed into the aluminium fitting reducing the harsh light and instead illuminating the form further accentuating its complexity. Whether Colony is illuminated or dormant it is designed to intrigue, evoke emotion and complement the space it inhabits.
  • My Writing Desk by EMKO via Pinklion: This handmade writing desk is designed for working people; creative people; people which know the value of efficient work.
    While building the idea of MWD, designer Inesa Malafej had a goal – reduce the difficulties of working in a chaos. The desk has its storage space organized around the table top where all the things are always in sight and easily accessible. That enlarge using of the desktop right up to the edges without worrying that things might fall down, furthermore, any unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the storage sides. The high edges of the desk isolates it in the room and creates a positive microclimate where things “feel good” in relationship with the user. The wings are divided for simple construction leaving a path for the wires. There are two drawers for a laptop and writing equipment. The legs of the table can be twisted off for easier transportation. Also, the smaller version of MWD with one drawer for cosy spaces was created.
  • Series 256 – Based on the colors from Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory by TheGRQP: Series 256 was born of the desire to appreciate art from a different angle. Famous pieces of art have an international following and have been explored in many forms, but we wanted to study only the colors. In series 256, the color blocks don’t create a pixelated version of the original image, they just celebrate the beautiful palette within each piece. Each print contains 256 of the most commonly occurring colors randomized so the true hues shine through.




Shop This Space: ‘Room On The Roof’ by i29 interior architects

Furniture, Interiors

My Shop This Space showcases perfect interiors for filling with modern handmade goodness. The goal of this series of posts is to inspire LAB Maison readers to choose handmade for your projects and what better place than a light-filled blank space like the one you see below?

Designed by i29 interior architects, an award-winning design team usually known for designing interiors that incorporate an inventive use of monochromatic colors and geometric shapes, this Room On The Roof project features a similar aesthetic with one difference: one half of the space is covered with wheat-hued natural wood. Read on to discover more about this space.

v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers -

Room On The Roof is located in the small tower on de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, a unique spot in the historic heart of the city that has been converted into a cultural haven. Together with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, de Bijenkorf has invited national and international artists to work on their projects in the studio, ranging from performances, poetry and light art to dance, music, film and photography. Artist Maarten Baas will be first to use the studio.

Room On The Roof is fully equipped for the artists, with a telescope for enjoying panoramic views of the city, a bed for dreaming, a special menu for meals, and its Dam Square location providing a source of inspiration. The works resulting from time spent in Room On The Roof will be shared with the public. This could be through an exhibition in the store windows, an online live performance or an installation in or around de Bijenkorf. Caroline Krouwels, Head of Creative at de Bijenkorf explains, “De Bijenkorf integrates retail, art, culture and design in order to surprise and inspire customers. The tower is a prominent architectural component of the building on Dam Square and, with The Room On The Roof, it will also come to symbolize the creative innovation of de Bijenkorf.”

The interior of the tower is designed by i29 interior architects. Room On The Roof wants to offer the artist a unique experience. This was the starting point for i29 to realize an installation that brings together two worlds in one space; playing with scale and perception as in the universe of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. On one side a vertical installation of wooden volumes from floor to ceiling is placed, the other side is a full white space. The wooden installation includes a pantry, storage, desk and daybed. The functions have been stacked on top of each other as a kind of ‘living cabinet’ in order to experience the tower on different levels. Via small ladders you can climb up in the cabinet. Each level gives a new perspective and view to the outside world. All accessories like a telescope, armchair and lamps, are just like the space itself all white to make a contrast with the wooden volume. The monumental spiral stairs leading to the cupola has been restored and adds to the fairytale-like atmosphere.

v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - v2com - i29 interior architects - photographs by Ewout Huibers - shop-this-space-011116

At first glance, it would probably be easy to go with a more subdued selection of interior accents to compliment this space dominated by neutral tones. This would probably work, but I found myself drawn to a palette with hints of copper. Here are 6 items that might just do the trick:

Column One:

  • Clouds Over NYC, fine art print by R. Alexander Trejo: “Archival print, cityscape photograph of the New York City skyline. This is a long exposure digital photograph. Professionally printed on high-grade professional photographic archival photo paper using archival pigment giclée inks. Archival paper and inks ensure colors will not fade and image quality will last for decades.”
  • Sienna Colorblock Pillows by Jillian Rene Decor: Sienna/Cream/Natural Linen. Original design by artist and interior designer, Jillian Carmine. Handmade in the USA.
  • Amber Nest, Large by Heather Palmer: Warm and golden this color nest will be perfect for holiday decorating. This large size is a little bigger than the medium size nest measuring approx. 11 inches in diameter and about 5 inches high at its highest point. The open lattice work makes this piece appear to be light as a feather. And while the piece is delicate it is also sturdy, like an actual nest. The process used to make these ensures that no two are ever alike. Each nest piece is unique with its own twists and bends. Signed and dated on bottom.

Column Two:

  • Ceramic Light Pink Sculpture from the Veritas Collection by Yulia Tsukerman: “This porcelain piece belongs to Vanitas collection which was inspired by still-life paintings. My Vanitas collection is an attempt to convey, through form, a feeling of harmony, silence and serenity. The Vanitas collection is a world of objects that are an abstraction of something familiar and real. Some of the pieces might remind an apple or a lemon and some might only be deciphered by the eye of the beholder.”
  • 12″ Bowl Concrete Planter by Opusconcrete: “These concrete containers offer a refined, organic asthetic with multi functional use.  Handmade and finished with a series of coatings for interior or exterior use.  Premium concrete planter or refined concrete bowl, every unique piece will gain a subtle patina with age.  All sizes are nominal and there will be variation throughout that is inherent with handmade products.”
  • Polish Copper Candleholders by Aubry / Lévesque via Chic & Basta: “In polished copper, these candleholders stand out for their simplicity. Highlight the beauty of your candles with these stylish contemporary candleholders!”

via v2com | i29 | Photos by Ewout Huibers


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