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MONDAY MORNING: The Destination is the Journey


Welcome to another week of creative wonder. What’s on your agenda? What are you creating this week? While you are gearing up to make great things this week, here’s a free desktop wallpaper and a new LAB print. Need a music to get you in the making mood? Try this week’s 8Tracks mix. Let us know what you are working on in the comments below.


Cool Origami Lamps from Studio Snowpuppe


Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Veenenbos must really love origami. How else can you explain their incredible shop of light fixtures? Noticing that the energy-saving light bulbs that have become popular in Europe lack warmth, this talented architect and industrial designer decided to do something about it. By designing these colorful light fixtures, their aim is to bring warmth and joy to the spaces they inhabit.


Love These: Hanging Mobiles and Planters by Hruskaa


As you can imagine, I keep a running list of shops and artists to feature. There are so many great talents out there, If I didn’t attempt to be organized about posting to the LAB, I’d be even more of a mess than I am. There are times though, when I find a shop and it’s so outstanding that I just have to push it to the top of the list. That’s what happened when I stumbled upon Hruskaa. Man do I love this shop!


The Wonders of Inkkit


I will first admit that I’m a little obsessed with the handmade pencils from Inkkit. Aren’t they amazing? OK, so who out there is like me and has wondered how in the world do you get the lead in there? I’ve always wanted to know. One day, I’ll discover the secret, but until then I’ll just salivate over these.


Food Quote and More from Whimsy & Spice


Seeing that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to try to seek inspiration away from the computer. Few things brings people together like food. Making it and sharing it together s a source of joy for many. What better way to celebrate the power of the plate than with these fun posters from the Whimsey & Spice maven herself, Jenna Park. Not only are these great for conversation, but they are designed supremely.


Shops We Love: The Handmade World of Coco Lapine


Coco Lapine is the handiwork of Berlin-based, Belguim-born Sarah Van Peteghem, an interior designer with a love for the monochromatic. For those of you who adore the simplicity of black & white, you will love this modest shop. Take a peak at all the handmade goodness.


Prints & More from Jump Off The Page


What a fitting name for a shop! Kate Waggoner’s art really does Jump Off The Page. Also, you know you’re singing the B-52’s right now, aren’t you? I love this print! With her refreshing palette and great designs, there has to be at least one print in the Jump Off The Page shop that works for your space. I’ve also included a couple of Kate’s way-cool wood art pieces. OK, so when you’re finished roaming around the world, be sure to click on any image to see all of Kate’s great art.


What I’m Loving Today: Anna Tovar’s Wonderful Art


When I lived in New York, I had this super-talented friend named Sue who was such an amazing watercolor artist. She used to do these incredible pieces based on the ornate doors you can often find on display in Brooklyn Heights. Since then. I’ve had a fondness for watercolors and the artists who use them so well. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, just well-done. For instance, Anna Tovar’s work. So simple, so serene and so many colors! Who wouldn’t want a welcome print like this? Want it in a color of your choice?

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