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Hello, Monday. I see you’ve returned. You and I need to have a little chat about your attitude problem. We’ll sit down and discuss your need to keep returning after I enjoy this video about the wonderful 2013 calendar that Mink Letterpress is offering to the world:

Mink Letterpress: 2013 Calendars from Nicole Lissenden on Vimeo.

handmade calendar 2013

Isn’t this adorable? Each month features a different wild bird egg. It’s a simple design done beautifully. Nicole Minkin Lissenden, the creative force behind Mink Letterpress, used a rather unique process to give each egg a distinctive feel. Check out the details on her blog. Get your copy of the calendar in the Mink Letterpress Etsy shop.

handmade 2013 calendars

handmade 2013 calendar

handmade 2013 calendar

handmade 2013 calendar

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