Well, it seems that you fine folks love my calendar finds. Just in case you missed the previous collections, you can see two 2013 calendar posts here and here. Here are a few more calendars to add to your mix.

Our first one, the one you see above, is by Tiger Food Press. It’s a poster with a bold and vivid, hand carved linoleum graphic at the top. I love this calendar. At 12″ x 18″, it’s the perfect size for your fridge or office wall.

Paper Boat Studio’s calendar is the perfect choice for anyone who loves modern graphics. I  find this to be refreshingly different. It’s one of those calendars that you will definitely keep the graphic element when the year ends.



Travel the world from your office with this fun calendar from Albertine Press. Shelley Barandes is not only a one-time architect, she has a love for buildings and urban landscapes that are uniquely connected to the cities they are planted in. You’ll recognize most of these cool and slightly-retro images. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of the hand drawn font.


I thought this calendar from Old School Stationers was too fresh to pass up. There’s something about the colors and the fresh graphics that just feels like fun. Plus, there’s a Westfalia in the mix, so you know I’m on that!


OK, one more. 1 Canoe 2 can do no wrong, in my book. This calendar has so much goodness. You have a great hand-written font, bold and bright graphics it’s small enough to fit on your desk AND it has a crazy-cool wooden stump. Come on now, this is the perfect calendar for 2013. I think it would make a great gift for yourself and for someone you love.

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