Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking by Jane Mount @ 20×200

I’ve wanted to feature Jane Mount’s wonderful art, as featured in her Ideal Bookshelf shop, for a while now. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in her shop, checking out her amazing collection of book-inpired art. Actually, ‘book-inspired’ is kind of an understatement, especially when you consider that her art literally is of books. Jane’s collection is also featured over at 20×200, my other obsession. This is like having gluten-free cookies and donuts in one sitting. Happiness overload!

The idea that you can celebrate the books that you love in a wonderful montage like this is just outstanding. Have a collection of books that you would love to see immortalized in Gouache and ink on lovely Fabriano hot press smooth watercolor paper? You can submit from 7 to 20 books to get your own custom design. Or you can live vicariously through someone else’s literary treasures by purchasing one of these ready-to-go prints. I noticed that the quantity in the 20×200 shop is limited, so act fast to get one of these colorful collages for you walls.

Ideal Bookshelf:Jen Bekman Jane Mount 20×200

Ideal Bookshelf: Fashion by Jane Mount @ 20×200

Ideal Bookshelf 352: English Lit by Jane Mount @ 20×200

Ideal Bookshelf 364: NYC by Jane Mount @ 20×200

Ideal Bookshelf 367: Photography by Jane Mount @ 20×200

If you really want to get to know what some of your favorite thinkers have on their bookshelves, you’ll be thrilled to get your hands on Jane’s book, Ideal Bookshelf. Jane, along with editor Thessaly La Force, asked 100 of the most creative cultural figures about the books that inspire them. Full of her original paintings, this is sure to give you some ideas for building your own literary collection. A book about books with art about books? Yep, it’s pretty much a bibliophile’s dream come true.

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