Last week, I stumbled upon Daniel Patrick Simmons’ Picasso quote print and spent a nice chunk of time exploring his site, shop and blog. I love the way this Sacramento, CA-based designer expresses himself and so I reached out to Daniel for a little interview. I’m so glad he obliged and I think you will be too, by the time you get to the end of this post. One word: GIVEAWAY!

Work Hard Rest Often by Daniel Patrick Simmons
Before I get into the interview and tell you a little more about Daniel, I should mention that Sacramento is really undergoing quite a creative renaissance. If I ever move back to the mainland, I’ll probably end up there, unless something scary/amazing/mind-blowing happens and I can afford to live in the Bay Area without donating a kidney, because: RENT HAS GONE CRAZY UP THERE!

The last time I was in Sacramento, my brother showed me all kinds of hot spots in Midtown and, I have to say, I’m impressed. Impressed enough that I might not let that insane summer heat and my allergies stop me from enjoying Sacramento…someday. We’ll see. OK, back to Daniel.

All you have to do is to take a spin through Daniel’s site to see that this gent loves to design. His hand-drawn style is organic and fresh. As you’ll see from his interview, this is exactly as he intended it to be. If you’re looking for a very real hand-drawn font or two, this is the place to be.

Daniel Patrick Simmons

Daniel’s Hallow Type – Just $5 bucks in his shop
(You need Photoshop or Illustrator to use this.)

The Westerholds by Daniel Patrick Simmons

What inspires you to create?
I’m encouraged by the amount of opportunity that is available. Hop on any Kickstarter page, Etsy, Behance, and Instagram profile and I can’t help but be inspired by the number of people actively working to bring something they believe in to the world. It hasn’t always been like this and for me, I make things because it’s a way to challenge myself.

Scoundrel & Rogue by Daniel Patrick Simmons

Hand drawn script is really popular these days. Why?
We’ve lived in a very digitized world for the past few decades. Neon signs are torn down only to be replaced with cheaper, “more efficient”, vinyl banners. I think it’s created in us a desire for something a little more real. Sure my computer can craft a perfectly curved letterform, but I’m sick of perfection. I want something messy. I want something that feels a little more real. I think others do too.

Discovery Golden Strong Ale by Daniel Patrick Simmons

What are you favorite sources of inspiration?
In real life, I get to meet a lot of amazing people that are passionately working to bring something to the world. Online, I love Instagram for photos, I pour through Behance for creative process, and really enjoy reading boring websites like AdAge and the Wall Street Journal for staying up-to-date on what’s happening outside my studio.

All Things Go Logo by Daniel Patrick Simmons

In just three answers, Daniel pretty much delivers some of the best insights on being creative. If you like how he expresses himself, you’ve got to check out his blog. This post is epic sauce! Speaking of epic, let’s talk about this sweet giveaway that Daniel is offering to LAB readers.


Win one of three copies of this cool Picasso print that I keep going on about. I’m giving two copies away here on the LAB and one on Instagram here & here. Follow the instructions you see there. To win one of the two copies here, just follow the instructions below. Be sure to leave a comment and say thanks to Daniel for his generosity and insightfulness. (This giveaway is only for my US readers.)

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