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Bundle of 4 stools in oiled oak wood and white concrete. There is no stock for this product, your copies are made ​to order.

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Bundle of 4 stools in oiled oak wood and white concrete. There is no stock for this product, your copies are made ​to order.



– Stool height: 44 cm
– Seat dimensions: 31 x 31 cm
– No stock, made ​​to order (allow around 4 weeks before shipping)
– Displayed price is for 4 stools with solid oak feet


Ydin, in Finnish, means spinal or core or refers to something essential. This stool represents the marriage of two dissociable components, but complementary. The seat is made of fiber-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). This sturdy piece provides underrun wood legs directly in its structure. Each oiled solid wood foot remains exactly the same. Delivered as a kit, all is mounted with ease by simple fitting.

The fibered concrete base offers high tensile strength, wear, cracking, abrasion or even impact. The whole part is sleek, except for the top that shows a series of holes on the surface. These interstices are caused by rising air bubbles during concrete drying. A surface appearance each time unique, despite repeated molding, which approximates lunar soil aspect. The finishing remains raw from mold release.

A truly sustainable development has been initiated by inoow design studio by revaluing some scrap wood from a stairs manufacturer. In the workshop, these scraps found a second life and are then transformed into a true raw material.

Stool transportation has been thought even before its conception. It comes in kit form, in a single package. You can mount it by yourself by fitting all four feet in the seat, in no particular order and without using special tools. The concrete seat acts as the keystone of the stool. It keeps the feet in place. With this specific design, ​the act of sitting on the furniture naturally comes solidify it.

By combining wood to concrete, Ydin brings together industrial and natural, mineral and vegetable, cold and heat, yin and yang, in a manner. The will of this union is to demonstrate that one cannot exist without the other. The aesthetics of the furniture cannot be dissociated from its robustness. The two materials combine to give birth to a single piece. Behind this simple philosophy is hidden a technical accuracy to make this stool functional.

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