Whenever I speak to just about anyone in the handmade community, the question that seems to pop up again and again is: How do I get more people to find me? Besides building your own Handmade Trifecta, is there more you can do? The answer is yes, if course! One of the best thing you can do is advertise on blogs that support and appreciate what you do.

For the next 3 days, I am offering a special discount on both advertising and consulting. My traffic is booming and I try to achieve 3 unique objectives with advertising:

  1. I only post ads for handmakers and those who directly support the handmade community. I made the decision this year that the LAB will never be a affiliate driven site. My goal is to have as many handmakers as possible have a shot at exposure. I also don’t want to be obligated to do sponsored posts unless I truly believe in the product and it supports you, handmakers of the world.
  2. Advertising should be affordable. I know what it takes to run a creative business and I don’t want to see you struggle with high advertising costs. That’s why my rates are affordable and fixed for 2013. No matter how big gets, I’m not going anywhere without you. If the handmade community didn’t exist, neither would I.
  3. Offer something more than an ad. While it’s true that people do click on ads, I wanted to do more than just sell you a little LAB real estate. So, even for those who just purchase a regular ad, I always do at least one sponsored post per month to make sure that my readers see you. I often do interviews and, if you are really fun & chatty, you might be offered a chance to be a guest poster.

All funds from my programs go directly back into the LAB. For instance, this year I will need to move the LAB to a larger hosting platform to handle the traffic. With all that said, I’m running a special for the next 3 DAYS ONLY on all my advertising and support programs. Here’s the goods:

LAB Partners: You get an ad in the sidebar, a big sweet ad in our blog stream, LAB Support and more. Learn more here and then get a $25 discount by clicking on the box.

LAB Support: Want some help getting off the ground in 2013? Why not try a little one-on-one with me via a phone consultation? Imagine how much we can get done in one hour! Read about my LAB Support program here and then come back and click on the box to get the discount.

Advertising: Get 6 months at a great discount for the next 3 days. Read more here about my advertising program and then come back and get this outstanding deal.

Thank you for your support & for helping me help you.

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