Many of the graphic designers that I adore have found their way over to Society6 and for good reason. Society6 offers a unique way for creative folks to take their graphic creations and turn them into posters, phone cases and even clocks. I’m happy to be in their affiliate program and to promote the talented artists that make Southern California-based Society6 the vibrant and colorful destination that it is. 

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Here are 8 clocks that I love, showcasing some pretty amazing colors. Starting from the top left and going clockwise:

1. Circular Motion by Steven Womack    2. Day by Leandro Pita    3. It’s Always the Sun by Galitt   4. Heavy Words 01 by Three Of The Possessed   5. Found Objects by Budi Satria Kwan    6. Lotus In Koi Pond by Budi Satria Kwan    7. Fig. 001 by Maps Of Imaginary Places    8. Modern Totem 01 by Three Of The Possessed

  1. Whoa, great site! Affordable, colorful and customizable. I even found the artist of one of my favorite hot air balloon pictures I have pinned. I hope to get a few things in the future.

  2. The more I look the better it gets. Rugs!! And it looks like there are some artists that have had their designs printed on threadless, which means I can get the print of my favorite shirt on a clock or mug. Very nifty!

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