The Future of Handmade from Orange is the Sun


Customization: My prediction is that this will be the biggest trend in handmade for 2014. It’s one of the unique abilities that makers have across the board and that really separates handmade from factory produced. One artist who has made a success from being a master of customization is Jennifer Wagner. Her colorful Orange is the Sun shop is all about creating gorgeous handmade pieces in a stunning array of hues.

Metal Cuffs from Peace Love Beach


I felt almost obliged to do a post about Beth DeHart bold and beautiful bracelets. After all, we both understand the power of island living. I was just talking to my friend G from Leilei Aloha today about how beneficial island life can be when you are recovering from trauma and reconnecting with yourself. Beth’s island of choice is the U.S. Virgin Islands. Despite the challenge of getting supplies and inconsistent electricity, Beth has found her niche with her fab collection.