Wearable Art from VATUA


Sometimes I find an artist that I believe really deserves some attention. I kinda feel like one of those traders on Wall Street yelling “Buy! Buy!”, but hey, that’s what the LAB is all about. Joana Garganté’s VATUA collection just blew my mind and I just had to share it with you.

The Wonderful Handmade World of Saara Kaatra


So mesmerizing, so beautiful. Saara Kaatra is an amazing artist and one that I’m thrilled to share with LAB readers. Just look at these precious little cups. They’re called Handled Lemons and Saara uses lemons to shape each one. Using Limoges porcelain and an array of pigments, she glazes the inside of each cup with a high gloss lead free glaze. Th outside retains itslemon-like surface. Each cup has a totally unique hand modelled mini handle. There are only ten available, so act fast to purchase these works of art.