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What’s New: Handmade Jewelry from Maddalena Bearzi


Maddalena Bearzi continues to produce exquisite handmade jewelry for her eponymous collection. This latest crop of one=of-a-kind pieces are no exception. If you are a lover of modern handmade jewelry, it seems like a good idea to make a trip over to her shop to pick up a piece or two.


Buccia di luna: Texturized, elegant and wearable in different ways, the simple design of this bracelet reminds the designer of the beauty of the full moon

crinale cuff

Crinale: The ridge of a mountain (ridge means “crinale” in the language of the designer) is represented in this signature, one of a kind piece.

onda earrings

Onda: Minute waves evoked the design of these simple and elegant earrings, embelished by tiny balls of gold.

slver jewelry on model Tomi

Model and singer Tomi Townsend


Pianeta: A lost planet floating above the hand inspired the one of a kind design of this ring

relitto nero bracelet

Relitto nero (“black wreck” in English) is an organic and elegant bracelet. Its design is inspired by a shipwreck found in the abyss of the ocean.


Spicchi di luna: A crescent moon brushed with dark dust and sprinkled with tiny pebbles of gold is the theme for these three-dimensional and distinctive earrings.

Maddalena Bearzi:

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handmade jewelry


fili d'erba earrings

New Handmade Jewelry from Maddalena Bearzi


Maddalena Bearzi continues to update her collection with incredible handmade jewelry. With her background as a marine biologist, Maddalena’s creations have a distinctive organic feel to them. In fact, if you look at her latest items, I think you can clearly see the natural influences. If you miss the connection, Maddalena guides your imagination to the correct corollation. Let’s take a guided tour.

handmade jewelry by Maddalena Bearzi fili d'erba bianca ring

The new pieces are mostly of fine and reclaimed silver and gold with accents of semi-precious stones. Maddalena says that “this jewelry further the exploration of natural themes translated into striking, coordinated pieces”. Here’s a look at a few of the pieces:

fili d'erba bianca ring handmade jewelry

Fili d’erba bianchi” (white blades of grass in English) is a new one of a kind signature jewelry piece in silver and 14k gold handcrafted in the artist’s Los Angeles studio.  The strong organic look makes this piece totally unique!

atollo necklace 3 handmade jewelry

Atollo” pendant is truly a statement piece handmade in silver and 18k gold with a rutilated quartz stone. Atollo is mounted on a silver + gold “Aria” chocker. 


To continue the “Aria” collection, there are a couple of “aria appiattita” silver bangles, partially oxidized. (to see and buy this and other limited edition pieces from the Aria collection visit the limited editions collection

fili d'erba earrings

The “fili d’erba” loop earrings are also in silver and partially oxidized and can be wear both with a simple black t-shirt or a beautiful evening dress. 

Maddalena would like LAB readers to know that all the pieces not available in the online store can be ordered via email at or by phone at 310-5910331. Credit cards accepted.

Maddalena Bearzi:

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handmade jewelry