Fab Font Finds: HAUS & OIL CRISIS


Did a little font shopping this weekend for a new project I’m working on (to be unveiled in due time). My goto place for fresh fonts? Like you have to ask! It’s Ten Dollar Fonts, of course! This font, called Haus, is by Tommy Beemsterboer.

Fresh Font Finds: Bojo Print and Appartement Temoin


Big, bold and blocky: that’s how I’d describe Bojo Print, one of the latest fonts featured over in the Ten Dollar Font shop. It’s designed by Mateusz Machalski and is wood blocks used for printing. My favorite thing about this font is that it has all the special characters included. Nothing makes me more nuts than not have the basic special characters like the “+” sign or numbers. Pick this one up today at the TDF shop and don’t forget to use our special code of BETYPE2013 to get 10% off the already low price of $10 for personal use and $20 for commercial.