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The Creative Type: What’s New with Nicole Phillips


Nicole Phillips continues to be a leading voice in the world of modern type. From her studio in Brisbane, Australia, Nicole is on a mission to broaden our understanding of the importance of both typography and the printed page. Her Typograph.Journals are incredible resources for lovers of type. I have all three volumes and have really benefited from the insightful and educational approach Nicole integrates into these stunningly-designed books. You should really check them out.

I recently discovered that Nicole updated her website and added what I consider to be an invaluable resource: the Typograph.Glossary. This is the kind of resource that absolutely needs to be bookmarked by all type lovers, graphic designers and branding pros. Let’s let Nicole tell us more about the glossary and the new website.

typographher - Type Glossary

The site refresh looks amazing! What precipitated the change?
I am really excited about publishing tangible documents but the constraints of physical production mean I can’t share all of the great work being created by our community in print. Also some information (like events) are time critical and make more sense to spotlight them in pixels rather than print. So I set out to transform the site into a platform to publish and share digital content. Another big goal with the rebuild was to help discover more talent by encouraging people to share the work they are proud of.

My favorite new feature is the glossary. Can you tell us about it? Who do you think will benefit from using it?
Thank you Brett! So far the glossary feedback from community has been great. I am very aware that many of the people reading the journal and engaging with the online content are new to design and typography. I want to develop content (and tools) that are accessible, inclusive and informative so I thought the glossary would be a really good way to visually demonstrate and some of the terminology/vernacular and anatomy at play in a format (and language) that is easily understood. I hope over time it will become a learning resource for our creative community – It is still a work in progress and I will be adding terms and functionality to it was the list of type vocabulary grows.

Initially I thought mainly design students would engage with the glossary but that hasn’t been the case at all – a wide cross section of creatives are finding it a useful tool so I am feeling really encouraged I am on the right track with it!

Typograph.Journal vol 3. Type Guide by Nicole Phillips

Typograph.Journal Volume.03

What’s on the horizon for The TypographHer?
In pixels –
I recently kicked off a new student spotlight series (I already have lots of great emerging talent lined up to feature). I have also started to interview people who make type (and letters) in different mediums to document their methodology and am looking forward to the next instalment in that series with a feature on local Neon Artist Michael Blazek.

In print –
I am currently collaborating on a couple of artist books and a letterpress print series. Volume 04 of the TypographJournal is underway, and I am writing & designing a new book (its actually a workshop in print format) with a series of guided drawing exercises to help people explore construction, legibility/readability/functionality and also the expressive potential of letterforms.

In the flesh –
I am planning an exhibition in the new year to showcase more TypeTalent from Australia (to coincide with the launch of volume 04 of the journal) and also look forward to hosting and delivering more type-centric workshops and events in Australia and New Zealand in 2016.

Nicole Phillips:

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Fab Font Finds: Voyager from Ten Dollar Fonts


Did you know that Ten Dollar Fonts has completely updated their shop? Actually, update is an understatement. It’s more like a complete overhaul. TDF is still one of the best curated collections of premium fonts on the web, host to some of the most talented designers out there. One of my favorites in Maarten Van ‘t Wort. Maarten never disappoints and, to celebrate the relaunch of TDF, Maarten has introduced his newest creation: Voyager