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Anna Jackson in her London Studio

Anna Jackson, creator of Black Cactus London, has a love for fine art and has turned her passion into an exquisite collection of original handmade bags. Using hand printed fabrics, Anna’s bags are bold and classic at the same time. Let’s get to know this talented handmaker a little bit better, shall we?

1. What inspired you to begin your collection?

I studied printmaking at University and I’ve never lost the excitement of seeing how each print works out.

Printing on paper started to feel a bit static.  Generally with a print,it has two options; be framed or put in a drawer and forgotten.  When it’s fabric, printing is just the beginning and it gets to have a whole other life once it’s left the studio.

2. Can you name a favorite source of inspiration?

I’m most inspired by what I see around me every day, whether it’s our natural or urban environment.  I celebrate the everyday things, which are beautiful in their own right.

etsy handmade bags


Hand printed fabric, featuring gold foiled grass.

handmade etsy bags

3. What materials do you love to use?

Without a doubt, silk is my favourite material.  It prints beautifully and is a just pleasure to work with.

4. Do you have a dream collaborator?

I’d love to collaborate with a milliner or fashion designer!  It would be great to extend my designs and have a chance experiment with different materials and forms.

handmade etsy bags

Another peak into Anna’s studio. 

handmade etsy bags

5.  When you need a musical muse, who do you turn the volume up for?

I prefer to work to music with a beat to it, it keeps me going.  Funk and soul is definitely best.  The radio is the first thing I turn on in the studio and the last thing I turn off when I leave.

6. How do you use social media/blogging to promote your work?

For me Twitter is a steady stream of information.  Mainly I like to see what’s happening and what other people are doing. My blog is mainly an ideas journal and a window into what I’m making, how I make it and what I find inspiring. I’ve noticed that I have more ‘engagement’ with people when I talk about how/why I make things rather than what I’m making.

handmade bags etsy

7. Where to you see your shop/project going?

I’ll continue to hone seasonal collections and produce more one-off items.  And expanding the number of stockist of Black Cactus will allow me to spend more time on commissions and special pieces. Basically, more time in the studio doing what I love!

Thanks Anna for sharing with us! Please take a few moments to explore all of Anna’s creations. Her skill and dedication to her craft are worth every minute. If you have any questions for Anna, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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