Still think blogging is difficult? I still think some of us feel if it ain’t complicated, it ain’t worth it. Let’s erase that misnomer now with 5 examples of blogs that post simple images with just the right amount of text.

Big open images, perfect for blogging. Image courtesy of Weekend Carnival.

OK, seriously, isn’t this the most gorgeous blog you’ve ever seen? Big wide open images that are so stunning that they honestly took my breath away. Weekday Carnival, you just found yourself on my Link❤ page. Now, here again is an example of really focusing on images as the foundation of a blog. If you can take a halfway decent picture, even with your fancy phone, you can do this.

You know you want those stools. Courtesy of Anamu.

Ana Maria Muñoz is making me miss Southern California. Her blog is such a joy. Smashing images and those Words Worth Repeating posts are perfect. What a great idea, by the way. If you have Photoshop, you could easily do your own version based on sayings and sage wisdom that you hold dear. My favorite picture on Anamu? This one from the world’s best flea market at the Rose Bowl.

That’s the cover. You’ll have to click the pic to see what’s inside. Image courtesy of Fine Little Day.

Another novel blog concept emerges as you read Fine Little Day: take a book, vintage magazine or catalog, take a few pics and BANG! you’ve got blog fodder. Now, it’s not the only thing Fine Little Day focuses on, but it’s a great idea.

These type of collages are easy and fun to do. Image courtesy of Lovely Indeed.

The name says it all. Lovely Indeed started out as a way for Chelsea to collect her thoughts and ideas connected to her upcoming wedding. As you’ll see, this blog is so much more. I love this type of collage. I used to do more of them and this is definitely moving me to do more.

Penelope & Pip love cool lights too. Image courtesy of Penelope & Pip.

Last but not least, Penelope & Pip is the house that Rachael Smith built and it is so sweet. Great DIY posts galore and big, wonderful images everywhere. Be sure to check out her shop of goodies while you’re there. You won’t be disappointed. As you can see from the image, we have the same taste in lighting.

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