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IAMTHELAB is dedicated to bringing you the best resources for the modern maker. From branding and packaging to fonts and web design, we showcases the tools that makers need to succeed, on the web and off.

More than just design inspiration, IAMTHELAB is here to help you stay inspired and focused on the joy of creating. That’s why we will continue to introduce you to new makers and shops that we find irresistible. We’ve glad you here and can’t wait to share.

About Brett Torrey Haynes

Brett is a blogger, graphic designer, artist and marketing professional who has worked with small companies and talented artists for the past 7 years. From designing brand identities to creating modern websites, Brett is passionate about good design, crazy about type and loves packaging a little too much. To see some of his clients, head over to his portfolio or drop him a note at brett [at] iamthelab.com.

Editorial Schedule

Monday: IAMTHELABDesign

Our Monday posts focus on creativity and helping makers discover inspiring creative resources and more. From packaging to type, I’ll share with you some of the most incredible and inventive design elements on the web. Branding matters for makers and so does great packaging. You’ll find a ton of cool designs to fuel your creativity and to hopefully assist you in building the brand you deserve.

Focus: branding, packaging, type, web design and print.

Tuesday: IAMTHELABStyle

You come for the goods and I bring you the goods. If you are looking for modern handmade jewelry, fashion and lifestyle goods, this is where your journey begins. On Tuesdays, I’ll focus on jewelry. The modern handmade community is teeming with great jewelry design and I’ll be combing the web and social media to introduce you to the best of the best. Exclusive interview and shop reviews will always be a part of what IAMTHELAB is about.

Focus: jewelry design

Wednesday: IAMTHELABStyle

The second half of our weekly look at modern handmade style, I’ll share with you a feast of shops and makers that make handmade accessories and lifestyle products. Besides handmade bags, fashion and wearable textiles, this it the day to discover handmade and hand-crafted apothecary. I’m amazed and pleased at how fast this category is growing and I know you’ll want to add these products to your daily routine.

Focus: accessories, apothecary. fashion & wearable textiles.

Thursday: IAMTHELABMaison

A handmade home is a better home and I’m out to prove it on Thursdays and Fridays. My primary focus on Thursdays in probably one of my favorite categories: ceramic artists. Seriously, just go through my Instagram followers and followings and you’ll see that I’m a little obsessed with these talented folks. There are some great collections out that and I want you to find them. I’ll also be featuring other handmade decor and accessories for the home, including textiles, planters and storage.

Focus: ceramics, textiles & storage

Friday: IAMTHELABMaison

The second day dedicated to handmade interior decor will focus on furniture design, lighting, art and woodcraft. Each of these categories are growing rather quickly and there are a dearth of makers out there who deserve your attention. There won’t be an excuse to shop at a big box store for home furnishings, not when you can find everything you need for a handmade home here.

Focus: art, furniture, lighting, woodcraft.


Sometimes I come across shops, collections and other delights that I have a hard time categorizing. You’ll find these treats on the weekends. If you’re looking for what’s really new, you’ll want to check these posts out. I’ll especially give priority to Kickstarter campaigns, like this one, that I believe deserve our collective attention.

Focus: who knows?