For the Creatively Curious. Updated Daily.
For the Creatively Curious. Updated Daily.
Daily Diary 07.21.21: It’s time to upgrade your library with a trio of well-designed books. First up is Evergreen Architecture. This stunning book takes a closer look at how architects have used flora in the built environment and the reasoning behind it. Secondly, Out of the Woods explores the use of one of mankind’s oldest building materials and the innovative ways it is still being used in the 21st century. Lastly, with so many of us adding gardens to our homes and spaces, The Gardens of Eden gives readers an insider’s look at some of the projects defining modern gardening. All 3 books can be found at Gestalten.
Design is the inter­me­di­ary between inform­a­tion and under­stand­ing. — Richard Gre­fé
Design is the inter­me­di­ary between inform­a­tion and under­stand­ing. — Richard Gre­fé

New & Noteworthy



 Japanese architect Kazunori Fujimoto has a way with concrete and it shows in this fortress of solitude. via Mininalissimo

Category: Architecture


Sepideh Ilsley creates works that seems to dance. Her latest collection is available as fine prints via Tappan.

Category: Art


This big and chunky Saddlestool from Grain is on my wishlist. It looks like a work of art because it is. Grain is amazing at what they do.

Category: Craft


Gourmet apple cider vinegar might sound like a stretch, the Apple Maple version from  Acid League seems to be a perfect fit.

Category: Food

Graphic Design

I’m not saying I need a new tablet, but I’m definitely interested in getting my hands on  a reMarkable 2 just for the packaging.

Category: Graphic Design


I can’t wait to add The Monocle Book of Italy to my library. I already have the Book of Japan and it is exceptional.

Category: Print


Handmade denim might not be on your radar, but the fine folks over at Hiut Denim Co. intend to change your mind.

Category: Style


Looking for a gorgeous san serif typeface? Of course you are! Check out the Planc font family by Taner Ardali via Behance

Category: Typography

Web Design

You don’t have to count the carbs when watching For The Love Of Bread by Sonoma Baking Co. It’s a gluten-free web experience.

Category: Web Design

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