Nourish your soul.

“There is another internet. Catalogs of modernity, so chocked full of masterfully designed goods, you will lose yourself in its pages and maybe find a little joyful glee in the depths of design that still seems to flow with ease from some brilliant-brained wunderkinds.”

– Brett Torrey Haynes

What we do

The IAMTHELAB Journal is written for those who want to create a holistic and creative life. We feature modern art and craft, plant-powered recipes, and inspirational essays. Interviews with makers and reader comments make this the community we need.


Get inspired with our directory of websites, digital creators, makers, and artists. Visit the sites of the creatives you love or discover someone new to admire.


The IAMTHELAB Kitchen showcases our in-house created recipes for those who want to live a plant-powered life. Check out the pantry for the tools and ingredients we use.


Paper is not dead. Find the books and magazines that fill us with creative awe. Build a library that will keep you inspired to create. Paper over pixels, everyday!


Our studio works with makers and arts to help them grow their creative business. From brand design to marketing and copywriting, we are here to help.

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