What is IAMTHELAB? IAMTHELAB is a considered drive through the warm and creative lanes of the internet. It seems that for many years now, we’ve been corralled and cornered into spaces that have conditioned us to swipe and feed, fueling a constant dopamine drip. This type of content consumption leaves little time for unhurried and contemplative digestion. It’s fast food for the mind that leaves a sullen lump of emptiness in its wake.


I have personally felt that mental famine and wanted to create a space where pretty and perfect pictures are not the focus. A space where the creative mind can be retrained to read, reflect, research, and retain. This is IAMTHELAB.

Put your auto in low gear, click on the links, settle in with a warm cup of something good and see what the creative world has to offer. There are still artists, makers, designers, architects, and others out there who are doing the determined and steady work of creating amazing things with intention, intensity, intuition, and insight.


My website is optimized for mobile, but designed for the desktop. It’s your safe space to explore on slow nights and sleepy Sundays. I’m always looking for creative folks to feature. Have something to share? Say hello@iamthelab.com.


Support my mission to remain a free resource for the modern creative. You can buy me a book or purchase a print for yourself and/or a friend. Thanks!

IAMTHELAB DESIGNSTUDIO is a branding and marketing studio that specializes in designing brand identities and marketing strategies. I work with businesses of all sizes, with a special love for the small and creative.


I offer the following services:


  • WordPress site builds and customization.
  • Woocommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, and Big Cartel e-commerce shop builds.
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • Brand Identity Design
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Small Business & Creative Consulting

Brands I’ve worked with:


See more projects on Behance. If you’d like to work together, drop name a note at hello@iamthelab.com.