Branding and Packaging: Balthazar Eyewear

Simon Piu had this Balthazar Eyewear project featured on Behance’s Branding and Packaging Gallery for good reason. It’s a brilliant concept that works quite well, not only as branding for this cool collection of handmade eyewear, but also as the basis for signage and interior design for the brands brick and mortar shop. Colorful and fun, it definitely stands out from the crowd. See more of Simon’s work here.

Balthazar is a optician based in Aix-en-Provence (France) that sells his own models of glasses, both optical and sunglasses. These glasses are Made-in-France, handmade, fashion, and affordable . The colors convey the idea of Made-in-France and the roundness of the logotype and typefaces the idea of a friendly and affordable brand. I created illustrations representing a variety of people so everyone can identify with the brand. The store uses these identity and illustration elements, and I worked on the interior design as well. As a modern brand working on visuals for social networks was really important, and I also designed the storyboard for an animated movie presenting the brand.

About the brand: Balthazar is a brand of eyewear and much more. It is our mission to help you find the pair of glasses that will reveal your personality and singularity.  Our ambition is to help you realize your dreams.

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