Branding and Packaging: Dobre Mylo Soap

This particular branding and packaging project is the antithesis of what most design projects are these days. There is a decidedly minimalistic aesthetic that is dominating design these days. It’s not bad and in fact, it’s a favorite of mine. What I love about this design for Dobre Mylo, designed by Igor Babariko, is that it blends the organic nature of the product with a color palette that totally celebrates nature. It’s green, brown and very earthy. Check out the concept below and let’s talk about it on Twitter.

About the design: Corporate Identity is designed for the Ukrainian soap factory. One of their tasks was to create simple and cheap paper for printing, as well as graphics that would be easy to understand. The designed logotype reflects the environmental capability of the soap, that they produce using the natural ingredients.

About the maker: Welcome. My name is Alina. Me and my family live in Vyshenky (Kiev region) Ukraine. I have been making making hand made soaps shampoo bars and beauty products for 4 years already. The epitome of Dobre Mylo is widlcrafted herbs and components as well as home made oils for local seeds. I harvest herbs, tree pitch, plant sap, etc in the Carpathian mountains as well as local woods. I purchase the best organic seeds from local farmers to produce real home made unfiltered oils.

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