Branding and Packaging: Mireia Ferrer by Zoo Studio

While I usually focus on handmade goods with these branding and packaging posts, I saw Mireia Ferrer’s project on Behance and just had to share. What Zoo Studio created for her is simply amazing. I’m a paper hound and I think I started salivating when I saw the notebooks. Taking inspiration from the split text logo, Zoo Studio added a cutout to both the notebooks and the business cards. Seriously, how could I not love this? My only worry is that folks who sign up for Mireia’s support don’t just skip out once they get their hands on her collateral materials! Be sure to check out the entire project on Zoo Studio’s website and get to know Mireia and her services here.

About the design: After a long and successful educational trajectory and a great career path, Mireia is now a life coach. Her task consists of helping people to evolve positively and to forge ahead at all times, looking back only to continue moving forward.

Using this clear objective, we have designed a brand full of personality and ambition in which the main concept of evolution is depicted in the graphics. The life coach’s name is presented in the form of an ascending staircase to enhance the message.
The logo typography is sans serif for its fresh, up-to-date connotations while the ‘Global Coach’ baseline in a serif font adds a touch of controlled elegance to the same brand. For the development of the different stationery, we have chosen a selection of colours and materials with specific intentions.

The bronze gives quality and respect to the brand with a hint of an institution in both the stamping and the paper, while the light blue transmits a friendlier, more tender feeling. This duality of professionalism and proximity is a reflection of Mireia’s work. – via Behance

About the designers: “There are eight of us at Zoo Studio. Each and every one of us has different yet complementary educational backgrounds and professional experience. Our teamwork and the individual capacity of each team member allow us to work to extremely high standards with a constant spirit of surpassing expectations. – via Zoo Studio

About Mireia Ferrer: “Challenges and the things I have learned have led me to follow the path of life with curiosity, restlessness and courage. People have always been my passion and the driving force behind everything I do, and it was after life-changing individual coaching that I turned that passion into my profession. With confidence and tenderness, I like to help people discover the huge potential that is in each of them, so that they can live in fullness and joy.

For more than 14 years I have managed a large company in the property sector, whose mission is to contribute to society from a social aspect. I currently combine this position with the profession of coach, both for companies and individuals, nationally and internationally, in person or via Skype, in Catalan, Spanish or/and English.
My vocation to help people and my extensive experience in contributing to their development in different areas allows me, as a coach, to help them learn to live better lives and to lead their own path.” via Mireia Ferrer


Mireia Ferrer: HOME | LINKEDIN


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