Branding and Packaging: SOUVENIR D’ITALIE

Sublime handmade goods coupled with the perfect branding and packaging design equals success. Such is the case with the superb designs created by Alessandro Saglietti for Souvenir D’Italie, a brand of haute handmade leather goods and accessories. This complete project includes, not only the logo, but a printed catalog, website and bags. The concluding design pairs perfectly with Souvenir D’Italie gorgeous collection. See more of Alessandro’s work here and visit Souvenir D’Italie to see more of their incredible collection.

From the designer:
The purpose of the project is already in the name. Create an identity that interacts with the eyes of those who look, creating a memory of Italy. Art. History. The uniqueness. From here comes everything. A visual system that combines vintage fashion split fashion accessories, sewn together with abstract and iconic graphics. Exaltation of the brand’s artistic matrix. A circular branding work, which included logo. Coordinated image. Website. Communication tools. In addition to cloth labels and punching marks for hot marking.

About the brand:
The shoemaker’s daughter Daniela was brought up in rural Marche and left her home to travel and study Fine Art and Landscape Architecture at Turin University. She was working on the restoration of an affresco when a splash of paint on her shoe suddenly reminded her of the creativity and craftsmanship of her family. That too was art and tradition in its purest sense. The circle closed: the synthesis of her passion for art projected into objects of everyday use. In collaboration with architects and sculptors she has sought to create unique leather goods which recall the past but suit the dynamic lifestyle of the new generations. Versatility, practicality and street credibility. Simple works of art that, tell the story of generations of quality and dedication for future memory.