Branding and Packaging: THELIVINGFOOD by Francesc Moret Vayreda

As someone who visited Barcelona last year and who eats a plant-based diet, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t discover THELIVINGFOOD earlier. I’ve made my own raw vegan cheeses before and they do require a bit of patience and skill, so finding some pre-made is a plus. Of course, like any great product, these days you need superior branding and packaging; thankfully for THELIVINGFOOD, Frencesc Moret Vayreda certainly delivered.

This particular project stood out to me for its expert mix of typefaces and colors. Is it just me or do you see this type of packaging working for a soapmaker as well? Find out more this unique product and the design process below. If you are in Barcelona, be sure to stop in to see THELIVINGFOOD. I’m heading there on my next trip for sure. FYI: If you’re looking for a great list of vegan restaurants and eateries in Barcelona, this list is pretty extensive. The only other restaurant that I’d recommend that is not on that list is Quinoa Aragó Vegetarià. We experienced one of our best meals there and I think you’ll love it.

About the design: Packaging for a vegan cheese firm of THELIVINGFOOD a Bio-Vegan Store. The family of nine cheeses has been designed under three great concepts: Cruelty Free, Quality and Honesty. These concepts are reflected in packs where imperfect geometry is the protagonist. It has been searched the main value of each cheese for a descriptive illustration of this. Fotos: Koldo Castillo & Anna García Figuerola

If you’re into raw food or healthy eating, or you just want to check out Barcelona’s artisan vegan cheese scene, you have to check out The Living Food. An all vegan and mostly raw shop in hipster haven Sant Antoni, The Living Food sells every superfood, supplement, sauce, syrup and dried good you could want. Plus they make their own artisan vegan cheeses! – The Vegan Word


C / Viladomat 85
08015 Barcelona
935 147 695


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