Branding and Packaging: Modern Handmade Notebooks by Treuleben

With all the shiny tech that inhabits my workspace, I still can’t seem to get away from paper. Are you the same way? A good notebook is always there and requires no charging and smudge removal. Little wonder that this branding and packaging project designed for Treuleben is a must-share. Designed by Hamburg-based Paperlux, this is a rebranding and new product line that is worthy of wonder. Featuring leather bound notebooks that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, the Treuleben brand is known for its quality. Take a look at this project and then hop of to Treuleben to see more. Be sure to check out the Paperlux portfolio as well.

About the project: 99 years of tradition, entrepreneurship and excellent craftsmanship: This is what Treuleben & Bishof, founded in 1917 and famous for its calendars, notebooks and small leather goods, stands for. Family run until 2016, a new era now begins on the backdrop of old values and a wonderful history.

Our first task was dedicated to our new heroes: How should the new paper products be perceived, what are its core values and who are their future compagnions? A new, unique paper was created, a gilt edge in a special colour was coined and we reinvented the book pocket – these are all parts of the new calendars and notebooks, bound in finest calf leather.

The brand was shortened to a concise „Treuleben“ only, standing for ‚loyalty‘ and ‚life‘, and is complemented with a signet depicting a „T“ in addition to the date 1917, the founding year. The typography of Treuleben stems from its first retail store and was drawn by hand, embracing the 21st century. Dark blue and coral are the new corporate colours and Avenir Next is the corporate font.

We were also in charge of developing a new product range for Treuleben – the Work Life Calendar aiming to create a more balanced life and a moon calendar depicting the moon phases, which is best used at night. All of this is measured against our new mission statement: Treuleben, valuing time since 1917.

About the brand: Treuleben products are crafted in our own manufactory, which can look back on one-hundred years of bookbinding craftsmanship. The bodies of our books are stitched and feature hand-gilded edging. The handcrafted jackets are covered with finest leather and are subsequently joined with the stitched pages to produce our finished editions. The traditional headband, a page marker fashioned from corded ribbon and the Treuleben Envelope Pocket – all in characteristic Treuleben dark blue – put the finishing touches on our journals and calendars.

Treuleben journals and calendars are printed on paper that has been especially milled for us by an established German manufacturer. It weighs a mere 80 g per square meter. Our paper is light in weight to keep our products lightweight. Our goal was to produce a paper where the page beneath it doesn’t shine through or becomes saturated by ink. Paper that makes writing a pleasure. Regardless of the writing utensil you choose to capture your thoughts. We produce all of our paper in the colour Sand. This pleasantly creamy tone is soothing to look at and brings beauty to every page.

Treuleben remains true to the concept it follows for its calendars and journals. Using the same quality-selected supple Italian full-grain cowhide leather, highly individual and practical premium products are manufactured according to traditional artisanry and standards of excellence. Nearly all leather items feature the original Treuleben envelope pocket design, which give them their unique look. Focusing on the essentials makes them lightweight and sleek and imbues them with sublime elegance.

Our leather products are handcrafted by expert leather artisans in the Treuleben manufactory. But only when each individual hide has been successfully inspected to ensure the absence of holes and other flaws, can it be considered finest Italian full-grain cowhide leather and cut to size to produce our Treuleben leather goods. Once this quality has been assured, the thickness of the leather pieces is adjusted on special machines. The individual leather pieces are then stitched together with the greatest care. Unstitched edges are subsequently finished with an embossed trim line.

Treuleben stands for a century of tradition and expertise. We have manufactured our “finest calendars and portfolio products” under the name Treuleben & Bischof since 1917. By building on this heritage we have created our new Treuleben brand in the span of only one-and-a-half years. Treuleben products acknowledge the thoughts that so many have shared with us, the wealth of impressions that we have gathered on our journeys, the inspiration drawn from the artisanry of our craftspeople, and the perfection that we have achieved through our trials and tests with materials and techniques. Treuleben. Produced according to time-honoured tradition. Designed for now.

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