Branding and Packaging: Anna Skantz Ceramics by The Positive Space

It’s great when the branding matches the product and, in this case, it’s the truth. Designed by Maggy Villarroel & Toni Vich co-founders of The Positive Space for Anna Skantz, a ceramic artist from Mallorca, Spain. There is so much that I love about this. From the pattern designs that reflect Anna’s work to the use of stamps and natural paper, this is a winner.
This project reminds me of just how important it is for makers to work closely with designers when devising new branding. It’s obvious that Maggy  and Toni understood their client and incorporated the soul of her creations into the design. What do you think?

About Positive Space: “The Positive Space is a multi disciplinary design studio of young creative people based in Mallorca. This studio was created by Maggy Villarroel and Toni Vich.
We look to work with all types of projects and clients, especially in editorial and print design, but with experience in other areas such as branding and packaging. 
At The Positive Space we are passionate for what we do and are always looking to collaborate with other designers, illustrators, photographers and creatives.

About Maggy Villarroel: “I am a freelance Graphic Designer currently living and working in Mallorca. I have received my major in design school ESDi in Barcelona. One of my favorite things to do is travel, which is why during these past years I have lived in Oklahoma, Barcelona, Mallorca and Chile. Studying and working as a graphic designer as well as learning from new cultures, people and experiences. These places have helped me become more passionate for what I do. I believe in design with strong ideas and simple executions, giving importance to details and making every project as unique as possible. Love what you do and you will not have to work a day in your life.”

About Toni Vich: “My name is Toni. I’m a freelance Graphic Designer currently living and working in Mallorca.  With my work seeks to develop simple solutions based on a functional and conceptual design. Currently I’m designer and founder of the The Positive Space studio.”

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