Branding and Packaging: Green Laboratorium

Green Laboratorium has been on the top branding and packaging list for years now. They really represent a synergy that I’m keen on discovering more of: great packaging for handmade goods. Learn more about the history of the company, their product line and the story behind the branding in this report.

The branding for Green Laboratorium was designed by Eszter Laki, one of my favorite designers on Behance. The photography was produced by Balázs Glódi. With the motto Less is More in mind,  Eszter notes:

“They create skincare products that are as simple as possible. Pure ingredients, readable labelling, honest recipes made with lots of understanding, care and love. When it comes to cosmetics, they are more interested in health, not so much in decoration. The products are artisanal, hand crafted, with only natural ingredients. Food grade herbs, butters and oils, therapy grade essential oils, small batches and limited editions, reusable containers.
The labels are home printed and the business cards were printed with letterpress on 100% cotton paper by the lovely Inkredible Letterpress.”

It’s clear to see that Eszter’s work compliments this handmade apothecary line very well. Take a look at more of the branding on Behance and continue reading to discover more about Green Laboratorium below.

All Green Laboratorium products are artisan in manufacture, designed to be unisex in use, hand crafted in small batches and some made in limited editions. We use all natural ingredients, including food grade herbs, butters and oils, as well as therapy grade essential oils with products supplied in reusable containers.

You have a minimal chance of irritation and allergies with practically no risk of cancer and toxicity associated with these natural materials. All natural ingredients are recognisable by our bodies and are easily taken in, making the best out of the supplied formulation. Green Laboratorium products have approximately 4 to 5 times higher percentage of active ingredients and potency compared with conventional cosmetics.

We do our best to use the smallest number of ingredients per product. We make them with lots of understanding, with clarity and honesty about the quality of the ingredients. Absolutely no artificial preservatives, colouring, fillers, thickeners, synthetic chemicals, parabens, detergents, fragrances and perfumes are ever used. The easy to understand labels are designed in a way so that with one look you are able to make an informed decision about our products. The labels include a complete list of ingredients and how to use information. We believe in supplying a well-informed and aesthetically pleasing product, designed to feel great on your skin as well as being visually well-balanced.

Only after removing all the harsh chemicals, fillers, colouring and fragrances the skin care can become a simple, nourishing, pleasant experience, with no guesswork. Once you take a step in this direction, there will be no turning back. Purchase Green Laboratorium products, wrapped in their exquisite packaging, on their website.

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