Branding and Packaging: Lukács László Vienna by Peltan-Brosz Roland

How brilliantly sophisticated is this branding and packaging design for Lukács László Vienna by Peltan-Brosz Roland?  Lukács László Vienna designs beautiful handmade shoes and everything about this identity perfectly compliments the line. Take a look and tell me what you think.

About the design: “Architecture inspires me the most” – quote by Lukács László, the head designer of the Vienna based custom shoe manufacture. Taking inspiration from architectural textures and ornaments, a common figure of architectural ornament among statues is the griffin. It is a mythical creature merged out of a lion’s body and the head, the wings, and often also the talons of an eagle. Considered as the animal king of the land, and of the air the Gryff is the most majestic and powerful creature. At the same time elegance and tranquility distinguishes the creature, which is the reason why Lukács László raise the Gryff to be the logo of its brand. The griff is holding a flag that stands for the focus on textiles and crafts. The precision and finesse of the symbol is apparent in the geometric construction, whose elements corresponds to the Fibonacci series.”

About the brand: “At

LUKÁCS LÁSZLÓ VIENNA manufacturing is at the forefront. Traditional techniques and innovative methods are combined with modern and high-quality shoes. From the 3D scan of the foot to the embossing of the logo – during the production of the shoe is worked satisfactorily and precisely. In the end there is a product that not only looks minimalist and classy but also withstand the stress of everyday life.

Lukács László usually starts with the material. The appearance and feel of the fabrics determine whether and how they are used. This material and thoroughly experimental approach not only ensures a harmony between the materials but also ensures that only the highest quality and longest-lasting products are used. Rare jacquard fabrics are used which, due to their individual and sophisticated pattern, are produced by only a few manufacturers.
Good architecture is a combination of utility, longevity and art. It’s an understanding of how to combine the advantages and characteristics of different materials and to make spaces not only usable, but also culturally valuable.

It also draws a sense of its environment. In modern architecture, sustainability has become more and more important in addition to its location. These are the values that make Lukács László the perfect man’s shoe: artistic individuality, the perfect interplay of materials, sustainability and, last but not least, long durability and a comfortable wearing feel. As with architecture, all that can only be achieved by one – excellent craftsmanship.”

About the designer: “By gaining maximum insight into every assignment, we are able to devise the best solutions for implementation and for final production. Founded in 2011 and represented by Peltan-Brosz Roland, we occupied mainly with identities. We effectively developed a trademark style through intensive visual research, experimentation and work. The style markers of our work are simplicity and minimalist elegance. We deliberately choose powerful contrasting and unambiguous center figures in creating logos, brand identities. We subtract surplus and add clearness in branding. We work closely with the clients.”

Photos by Peltan-Brosz Roland
Fashion Photos by Vangardist, Style Up your Life, Lukas Preisinger & Akos Burg
Shoes by Lukacs Laszlo Vienna

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