Branding and Packaging: Malbrum Parfums

I stumbled upon Malbrum Perfums branding and packaging via Behance and was instantly intrigued. The blend of elements used to create the packaging and branding for this project is an interesting blend of high and low elements. This is something that the designers, Oslo, Norway’s OlssønBarbieri, intentionally and effectively devised and, once you understand the thinking behind it, it makes perfect sense. This is Vol II of their work for Malbrum Perfums (see Vol. I here) and I can’t imagine it will be the last. What to do you think?

About the brand: Malbrum is an eclective perfume brand founded in oslo and grasse in 2010. Malbrum stands out by counterbalancing french-classical perfumery with Norwegian “joie de vivre”. Malbrum has become a cult treasure amongst a loyal tribe of followers years ahead of its official launch date. (editor’s note: Learn more about the brand and the creation of these hand-crafted fragrances here and here, via WMSSL.)

About the project: The packaging takes inspiration from vintage pharmacy products with the label sealing the box, signalising a small scale artisanal product. The paper labels are listing the ingredients with a matter-of-fact and scientific visual expression. The contrast between the affordable natural carton and the silk screened bottles with natural wooden corks challenges the conventional luxury category language.

About the designer: Olssøn Barbieri is a multi disciplinary design agency specializing in brand identity and packaging design with particular focus on wine/spirits, luxury, culture and art industries. Founded with the intention of working independently and without compromises in regards to conceptual development and quality of execution, the company evolves by pursuing new standards of design through research and experimentation.

The company´s projects range from brand creation, visual identity, illustration and packaging design to brand design strategy and creative direction. Olssøn Barbieri was founded in 2005 by Henrik Olssøn and Erika Barbieri who has also been published and awarded by national and international juries.


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