Branding and Packaging: Mateja Kovač Visual Identity

This branding and packaging project really is the best of both worlds. When an illustrator like Mateja Kovač creates such colorful art, it makes sense to incorporate it into the branding. That’s exactly what Mireldy Design did with this colorful and practical project. I really appreciate that the packaging materials are pretty standard. It’s the labeling that makes it unique. It’s a great reminder to makers that your brand really does make the difference. What do you think?

About the design: “Mateja Kovač is a successful Croatian illustrator and academic painter who has been present on the local and global scene for years. Mateja asked us to create a new visual identity and design for the promotional materials of her brand. We found inspiration for her new visual identity in her gestural strokes and the playful color palette which Mateja uses as a starting point in her creative work. With that we emphasize spontaneity and lightness,  as well as refined taste in colors and shapes, by which the illustrator attracts us into her intimate world influenced by simple, day-to-day moments.”

About the maker: “My name is Mateja Kovač and I live in a little town called Samobor that is placed near the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.
I was always fascinated with design, because for me design was always like a complicated mathematical formula that cannot be solved only by knowledge but also needs a lot of love and devotion to make it work. I have been practicing different branches of art, well it seems like forever now, but officially I graduated the Art academy in the year 2006. Since then my art has taken me from restoration, classical painting, interior design and finally today, to the place I can call my home: illustration.”

About the designers: “Mireldy are Imelda Ramović and Mirel Hadžijusufović – art directors, designers and illustrators who have been creating together in fields of advertising, art and culture, music and fashion industry for over 10 years.  During that period, they have independently and with numerous advertising agencies gathered impressive number of projects and awards (Red Dot, New York Festivals, Cresta, Magdalena, Type Directors Club, ADCC, etc.).  They enjoy developing creative concepts, packaging, brands, but also to creatively express themselves in different areas of work and life.”

Art direction & design :

Mireldy / Imelda Ramović
Photographer: Domagoj Kunić
Illustrations: Mateja Kovač

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