Branding and Packaging: Polú Poké by Caterina Bianchini

I am a big fan of Caterina Bianchini’s work and you will be too, after you check out her work for Polú Poké. Setting up shop in SOHO, London required a brand identity that is one part modern and two parts totally unique. I think Caterina’s fresh approach is a win.

About the design: Polú Poké is a Hawaiin Poke restaurant that has been working away behind the scenes to bring Poke to the common market. Poke is a raw fish salad, with its main component being sectioned/cubed raw fish. As a relatively new food trend that is about to rapidly become a new favourite, Polú Poké needed a new brand that matched their new vision. After working on pop-ups in renowned venues like Selfridge & Co London, and Shoreditch House London, their next natural step was to move into a permanent venue in Soho, London. The restaurant will be serving takeaway Sunshine bowls, as well having sit in options for their foodies.
The branding had to reflect the company as a whole, including their values, what they do and show the companies personality. With a strong concept behind the logo design, the logo evolved into what became a visual stimulant that shows exactly what Poke is – a fish hook was designed that holds on either side the words Polu and Poke. The hook symbolises fish, the main component in the cuisine but also allows for a vertical logo to be created, something not often seen. With a clever, bold and unique logotype in place a simple strategic vision was created, and so was born the companies tagline “We’ve got you hooked.”
The final touch was adding extra accents to the words Polú Poké to emphasise the pronunciation of the words correctly. Lastly, the company needed bespoke paper designs that were going to be used to wrap add-ons in the restaurant and that could be used across merchandise and on the company in-store graphics. The company has a vibrant colour scheme that nods towards marine themes and has been adapted into a horizontal lock up and Icon. Facade, exterior signs and in- store graphics to come!

About the designer: Caterina Bianchini is a Designer and Art Director based in East London. Her work challenges current design norms by experimenting with unique typographic layouts and beautifully curated colour palettes. By using a varied approach to projects, she has been able to work with clients like Nike, Adidas, Boiler Room, Topshop, Ministry of Sound and Sotheby’s. Caterina has received acknowledgement awards for her contribution to the design community, has had work displayed in exhibitions worldwide and has her “Vinyl Effect” project archived in the Scottish Heritage Collections. Founded with the ambition to create beautiful and intelligent design, the studio works with art direction, print, advertising, branding, fashion and graphic design.

Caterina Bianchini:

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