Branding and Packaging: Rhoeco Fine Organic Goods

I discovered rhoeco fine organic goods on Ello and the packaging made be smile. You know, one of those big cheesy toothy smiles that packaging nerds get when they see something so uncomplicated and pristine? Yep, that one. This is a new favorite of mine, hands down.

Designed by wedesign, this ingeniously simple website, branding and packaging design showcases this line of organic teas perfectly. But the pot-like containers carry a secret: there’s a seed stick on the underside of the lid, coated with herb seeds. You guessed it: you plant the seeds and fresh herbs will soon appear. How ingenious! See more at the rhoeco webside today and learn more about the project and the designer below.

About rhoeco: “Rhoeco is a word formation inspired by the Greek word ‘ροή’ [rhoē] -meaning flow-, ecology [eco] and cooperation [co]. Rhoeco is the result of our effort to produce in the present by respecting the past while thinking about the future.  We are a team of young professionals, ecology enthusiasts and herb lovers, who research, experiment, analyse and finally find decent and experienced producers to become our suppliers. Our ambition is to revive traditional habits adapted to current demands while supporting the principles of ecology at all stages of production. Proud of our products, we guarantee their high quality. We pick and collect the season’s harvest to our certified facilities where we produce and pack our blends in small batches. The whole process is made by us, by hand, with honesty and integrity. We praise Nature for the goods it offers. We respect it, we serve it and we deeply thank it.”

Client: rhoeco
Project: Branding – Packaging – Website
Agency: wedesign
Web Development: codefactory

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