Branding and Packaging: The Bijou Factory by Phoenix

Here’s a rare combo packaging post: great packaging design for a innovative handmade DIY jewelry collection. I get giddy just typing this! Bijou Factory is an Los Angeles-based company, founded by Anne-Sophie Cauchy. Anne-Sophie used to create jewelry for mass production, but her disillusionment with low quality and high waste moved her to create something better. For her impactful project, she turned to Phoenix, the Creative Studio, a Montreal-based studio to create her packaging. That was obviously the right move: the packaging is fresh, fun and fantastic, just like her DIY collection. Take a look and learn more about both this talented maker and the designers behind the packaging. As Anne-Sophie states in this interview with Cool Hunt, this is packaging that she could be proud of and rightfully so.

About the collection: “The Bijou Factory is an innovative line of DIY jewelry kits that are uniquely curated and simple to make. It was founded on the belief that DIY jewelry does not have to look homespun. The Bijou Factory is the brainchild of Anne-Sophie Cauchy, a French native and FIT metalsmith graduate, who spent a decade mass-designing jewelry for household names before being disillusioned by the lowering quality-standards and high wastage of “fast fashion”. She now seeks to educate her customers about materials and empower them to be the architect of their own special piece.” – Anne-Sophie Cauchy

About the design: “The Bijou Factory offers a range of DIY self-made jewelry kits. Based on the belief that DIY and premium quality go well together, The Bijou Factory showcases a fine product that is easy to make. We imagined a custom box, which breaks the classic codes of the jewel case, by adding a window that shows the centrepiece of the product. We conceived a fresh, colourful and soft packaging that matches the jewelry as well as the target customers.

The shapes appearing on the box are reminiscent of handmade work and reminds us of the different pieces of the jewelry. In order to support the DIY aspect of the brand, we have created labels that directly include the buyer in the experience: a jewel “made by you”. The smiley face that is created by the letters “i” and  “j” of the logo also evokes this pleasing and reassuring aspect. Finally, the friendly tone used on the boxes reminds you that making your own jewel is “as easy as taking a selfie” or “walking in high heels”. – Phoenix, the Creative Studio

About the packaging designer: By merging interaction and emotion, Phoenix The Creative Studio creates brand experiences that engage people. How? By reinventing them for the new interactive age, breaking with industry standards, and keeping them relevant and enjoyable so people connect through them. Because when you connect with people, people let their guards down.”  – Phoenix, the Creative Studio

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