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Imagine having a tech nerd, design fiend, and empathetic buddy at your disposal? It's no dream.

Ready to jumpstart your creativity? Need some help with your online presence? Looking for a brand refresh? Need a creative partner-in-crime? I have built a reputation as an intuitive and compassionate creative thinking who has spent the past 7 years working with makers and artists from all over the globe.  Schedule a 1 hour consultation with me and let’s build something great together.

During your consultation, we can discuss any topic that will help you grow your creative business. I am your advocate and cheerleader and want to make sure that you feel the love, so let’s discuss:

  • Social media
  • Wholesale
  • WordPress
  • E-commerce
  • Branding
  • Shop curation
  • Creative roadblocks
  • Marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Chocolate!

Use the calendar below to schedule your appointment, Pacific Standard Time. My consulting fee is only $45 for an hour and you can schedule as many as you want! (Some of my clients like to connect with me once a month or once a quarter.) Once your appointment is confirmed, I’ll send you over a few details and a link to payment.

One client recently said this: “Thank you, truly! One of the best decisions I made was to speak with you. Encouraging, real, and solid advice.” You should get to know this client by the way, she’s a faveNeed something more? Our LAB Rx program provides you with an exhaustive overview of your handmade business. From e-commerce to social media, we’ll examine your entire online business with the goal of helping you to optimize your time and energy. Once the assessment is completed, we’ll walk you through our recommendations for your handmade business and follow up after 30 days to help guide you toward your goal. The LAB Rx assessment includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your e-commerce platform: This part of the assessment is designed to examine not only whether your  chosen e-commerce platform is right for you, it also covers product curation and product descriptions.
  • Platform by platform review of your social media: The goal is to help you discover which platform are optimal for your business and offers you a guide to managing your social media with your schedule in mind.
  • Branding & Marketing: We’ll take a look at your branding, from logo design to packaging, working with you to ensure that your presentation is just as powerful as your handmade creations.
  • Creative Kickstart: Are you facing a creative slump? Trying to find new ways to stay engaged and energized? Let’s spend some time together to discover effective methods to keep your creative juices flowing.

Your LAB Rx consultation includes a detailed and customized report, plus 3 consultations: an initial phone conference, a detailed consultation once the analysis is complete and a 30 day follow-up. You can schedule a LAB Rx appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays, using the calendar below. The total cost is just $150. After your appointment is confirmed, I’ll send you over a few details and a link to payment.


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