20 Best Design Blogs To Follow Now in 2020

Our first set of 30 design blogs was a big hit, so I thought I’d give you another 20 for 2020. This collection features blogs, portfolios, and other resources that celebrate design and are prefect for the indie crowd. I’m including architects in the mix too. Take a look, visit, and don’t forget to bookmark.  Did we forget one or do you have a design blog that should be included? Leave us a comment with a link below. Thinking of starting a blog of your own? Start here and here.

1. Norm Architecture

Norm Architects was founded in 2008. They work in the fields of industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction. This is a stunning portfolio that is updated regularly.

2. Type Foundry Directory

The Type Foundry Directory is a curated index of type foundries by Matthew Smith of Morning Type. I love the layout of this site. Who doesn’t like discovering new typefaces? Not this kid!

3. Type Foundry Index

Type.lol is another resource for designers and typographers. Made and maintained by Mark Johnson & Thomas Drach. They also have a cool store with some freebies for those who like good designs.

4. Type Foundry Archive

TFA is an online project to collect type foundries and build a link list of type foundries worldwide – independent or not, small or big, everyone. Looks like they change the typeface they feature on their website periodically, so visit often.

5. Anekdote

Anekdote is a directory celebrating great, independent businesses. This carefully curated list of businesses and shops is a who’s-who of indie design. You’ll be happy you found this one.

6. vis.dmcg

vis.dmcg is a collection of cool design finds, curated by David McGillivray, a creative director and designer based in New York City.

7. &Tradition

&Tradition reworks design icons from past masters and creates tomorrow’s classics in collaboration with contemporary designers, upholding the tenets of craftsmanship to produce furniture, lighting and accessories that meet modern needs for function, comfort and beauty. It’s a wonderful shop and a great journal.

8. PAL Catalogue

A personal catalogue of furniture and objects. With its name derived from the three founders’ initials, PAL not only shares insights of their living space, but also invites others to meet their companions – objects that became friends. It’s a funky mix of found objects that will suck you right in.

9. Faculty Department

Faculty Department is a personal project by photographer, Justin Chung, that focuses on the lives, spaces, and stories of creative individuals worldwide.

10. Hunter & Folk

Hunter & Folk covers Australian and international homes, architecture, interviews with creatives, craft, interior design, travel and products.

11. mnmllist

A growing list of all things mnmllist. The ultimate bookmark for minimalists featuring a simple list of links to all things minimal. Created in collaboration with web developer Manu Moreale and Carl MH Barenbrug.

12. Subtilitas

Subtilitas was founded and is run by jeff kaplon, a los angeles based designer and co-founder of part office. begun in november of 2009, the site features a connected visual lineage of contemporary projects emphasizing craft, detail, and materiality.

13. Minimal Goods

Minimalgoods was started to find more simple, well-designed objects in the world. Three years after its launch, minimalgoods is now the largest community on Instagram focused on showcasing these products.

14. Sidebearings

Sidebearings is a collection of typography & lettering resources. Designed to focus on beginner as well as advanced type designers, graphic designers and enthusiasts. It’s a great resource for those who want to understand the fundamentals of type.

15. Reading Design

Perhaps one of the best designed archives on the web, Reading Design is an online archive of critical writing about design. Non-profit and full of incredible design resources.

16. CMHB

Carl MH Barenbrug, the creative force behind  Minimalissimo, has a personal website and journal, worthy of a slow read.

17. Counter-Print

If you love design and you need (as in can’t live without books) you have to visit Counter-Point. It’s my favorite.

18. Canals

Canals is a stunning exploration of the history of 17th century canals in Amsterdam. It might sound like a bore, but go anyway and tell me you don’t fall in love with this stunning website.

19. Work Notes

Work Notes is a collection of articles written that explore freelance and self-employment topics like money, contracts, clients and well-being. It’s where I share and document my real-life freelance experiences. Perfect for all of us entrepreneurs.

20. Work Responsibly

A growing collection of resources for a healthy and balanced approach to work. Could be bigger. Hope it does.


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