The 30 Best Design Blogs to Follow Now

Design blogs are still great places to find inspiration. Whether you are working on a project and need to refresh your creative store tanks or looking for a creative kickstarter, these design blogs should definitely be on your must read list. From graphic design to cool interiors, you’ll find something to love here, guaranteed. My criteria for selection is simple: the site has to look great, has to offer great content and preferably lots of the latter.
Did we forget one or do you have a design blog that should be included? Leave us a comment with a link below. Thinking of starting a blog of your own? Start here and here.

1. Design Seeds 

Jessica Colaluca is one of the only old school, been-here-since-the-beginning, indie bloggers left and for good reasons: her color palettes have fueled creatives in just about every genre. If you haven’t discovered this treasure trove of color yet, fix that today.

2. BP&O

Richard Baird, is the writer and editor behind BP&O. This London-based freelance designer and writer works within the field of identity design. He’s written for Brand New, Design Week and The Dieline, has had features on It’s Nice That and Dezeen and also runs the resource and zine LogoArchive.

3. Logo Archive

LogoArchive, curated by Richard Baird of BP&O, “looks to collate and formalize logo design work from the 20th century, with a particular focus on form language, characterized by a high-contrast white on black presentation.” (description via Under Construction.)

4. Brand New

A comprehensive look at the latest logo designs from all over the place, Under Constructions’s Brand New is an amazing resources, not only to see how branding evolves, but also to observe some of the most engaged commenters on the web.

5. Art of the Menu

Also from Under Construction, Art of the Menu elevates the humble menu by showcasing the best of the best. It will change the way you see menus. With 103 pages worth of mouth-watering designs, you are sure to find something to love.

6. The Design Blog

Curated and founded by Ena Baćanović, a graphic designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world, with the main focus on young designers and students.

7. Mindsparkle

Mindsparkle Mag promotes the most beautiful and inspiring projects from around the web. This often-updated site features the best websites, graphic design, branding, photography, art, interior, product design and architecture.

8. Thisispaper

This is an ongoing visual research by Thisisipaper Studio. is a Warsaw-based multidisciplinary design studio established in 2011. Thisispaper Magazine  focuses on the interaction between timeless forms and movements in contemporary life and arts.


The team behind DESK started blogging in early 2016 with the intentions of of cover topics from design, psychology and productivity. Their goal is to create a resource for designers and makers to motivate, inspire and just have fun. A blog written by actual designers is a must-read

10. All The Architects 

This is a goldmine for those who love architecture and great web design. Started by By Morgan & Hyland, All The Architects is basically the best way to completely lose an entire day, gawking at pretty buildings and aesthetically pleasing portfolios.

11. Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica is a British art and culture magazine, founded in 2002 and covers photography, visual art, music, film and theatre. The website gives you a glimpse of what Aesthetica highlights: art, film, music and performance and exhibitions from around the world.

12. Goodmoods

Goodmoods is an Paris-based online inspired magazine and creative agency that highlights trends of today and tomorrow for free and curious minds.  The site is in French, so fire up Chrome, translate and enjoy.

13. Best Website Design

David Hellmann’s long-running directory of the best website designs is a great place to find beautifully designed websites and more sites to follow. I’ve discovered some great sites here and I love the filter.

14. Visual Journal

Alessandro Scarpellini’s Visual Journal is a delight. This Italy-based strategic designer and art director has a great eye for modern design and Visual Journal is his blog, featuring the best branding and graphic design projects from all over the world.

15. The Gallery 

The Gallery is Alessandro Scarpellini’s other project and showcases a more minimal design aesthetic. I’m a big fan of the black background. It really makes discovering websites easy on the eye.

16. Semplice Showcase

Semplice is a stellar portfolio platform, built on WordPress. Their showcase highlights just how versatile Semplice is while serving as a great resource for modern web design.

17. Ignant

If serenity and style has a baby website, it would be Ignant. This award-winning online magazine features the finest in art, design, photography, travel and architecture. It’s on my daily to-read list and should be on yours.

18. Mendo

If you love books, you will love Amsterdam-based Mendo. This is one of the most beautifully designed websites on the planet. Not only do they have an incredible selection of books, some on their own imprint, their journal is a wonderful read.

19. Dorsia

You will fall in love with this stunning resource for discovering the best things to see in your favorite cities. There is so much to love on Dorsia, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just go to there.

20. Now Nordic

Looking for a great resource to discover the best of Nordic design? This is it. Now Nordic is a “landmark exhibition of contemporary design from the five Nordic countries aims to showcase the commonalities and contrasts between the modern design cultures of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.”

21. The Modern House Journal

The Modern House is a UK real estate agency “that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways.” Their award winning journal is for those of us who want a bit of sophisticated interior design. You’ll come for the superb site design and stay for the pretty homes.

22. Mohawk Blog

You probably know Mohawk as the premier resource for incredible paper goods. What you might not know is that their blog is amazing too. What better way to entice us to use their products than to show them in use?

23. Designcollector

16 years is a long time to run a blog, yet Designcollector looks as fresh as ever. I think it’s pretty much impossible to NOT find something to wow your mind. From photography to graphic design, this is a destination for all who love good design.

24. Sojournal

Sojournal is a Berlin-based interior magazine curating lovely interior spaces and designers. With its minimalistic layout and incredible content, Sojournal is a “place for the urban, connected culture, looking for inspiration beyond mainstream.”

25. Stories Collective

If you’re a fan of good design and fashion, Stories Collective is the place for you. This online magazine masterfully presents fashion layouts that are simply enchanting. There are a lot of great graphics on display, sure to inspire.

26. Openhouse Magazine

Openhouse Magazine is a gorgeous guide, introducing us to creative people around the world, letting us peer into their homes and private spaces. Another well-layout website with stunning editorial content.

27. Gessato

Where do I start with Gessato? Does it showcase some of the most amazing interiors? Yes it does. Looking for cool gadgets? This is the place. Need to see the latest handmade goods? They’ve got that too. This is a treasure for the design-minded.

28. Siteinpire

Siteinspire is probably one of my most-visited sites on this list. Featuring a frequently updated listing of the best designed websites, this is a must-read for those who love discovery what’s new and next. I’ve discovered so many great sites here, it’s hard for me to believe I’d find them anywhere else.

29. Cereal Mag

You probably know Cereal Magazine for its ethereal print magazine, but did you know they update their website with fresh content as well? If you are looking for a soothing place to land, this is the destination for you.

30. Hole & Corner

I just picked up The Story of Tools book from Hole & Corner and like everything else they do, it’s amazing. Hole & Corner is the design blog for those who love handmade goods. You really need to know them.


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