The Design Digest April 14, 2019

Hey design lovers! I’ve got a ton of great finds for you this week. I’ve decided to move The Design Digest to Mondays. It’s a great way to start the week, don’t you think?

Surface Mag’s Website

5 Newsletter You Should Follow Right Now

One of my favorite design resources this days are newsletters. I love that there’s pretty much something for everyone design-wise. Here are 5 that are must-reads with a bit of info about each.

  1. Surface Design Dispatch: I love getting my daily Design Dispatch. Surface has an amazing website and a print magazine that I’d like to get my hands on one of these days. From Surface: “Surface is the American magazine of global contemporary design. Founded in 1993, Surface covers the worlds of architecture, art, design, fashion, and travel, with a focus on how these fields shape and are shaped by contemporary culture. Through incisive writing, engaging visuals, and an emphasis on process and craftsmanship, Surface inspires, informs, and entertains readers, pointing them to the next big ideas in global design.”
  2. Life & Thyme’s The Editor’s Note: If you love food and independent journalism, you will adore this newsletter. It arrives every Saturday and there is always something new and stimulating to discover. From Life & Thyme: “Life & Thyme is a platform for culinary storytelling, curated from a global network of contributors. Our stories aim to share and connect through food journalism and relationships on an international level. We hope to expand critical conversations, encourage cooperation and inclusiveness, and promote the enjoyment and awareness of food culture, its complexity and creativity.”
  3. Dense Discovery: Your inbox and productivity will thank you for signing up to Kai brach’s brilliant newsletter. I can’t tell you how many great resources I’ve discovered from this treasure trove of goodness. Kai is the king of 21st century new media, in my humble opinion, and I wish everyone supported him. About Dense Discovery: “Join over 20,000 readers and receive a densely curated mix of practical and inspirational links at the intersection of tech, design, and culture every Tuesday.”
  4. Field Mag’s Field Report: Truthfully, I’m not an outdoorsy type of gent, so I was a little reluctant to sign up for this one, but I’m oh so glad that I did anyway. The Field Report has become one of my favorite weekly reads and give me a glimpse into the great outdoors, spoken in the language of good design. Seriously, there are so many great eye-opening articles, like this one about Instagram ruining outdoor photography that is both enlightening and sobering. About Field Mag: “Welcome to Field Mag, a modern outdoor lifestyle publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors. Each week our New York City-based editors publish a wealth of original content to inform and inspire readers to get outside and explore the world around them.”
  5. Design Seeds: If you’ve hung around IATL for more than a minute, you already know how I feel about The Queen of Color, Jessica Colaluca. If you love color inspiration with a human touch, sign up for Jessica’s weekly share of her daily color palettes. Of course, you should also bookmark and visit her website everyday like a good human. About Design Seeds: “Back in the April of 2009, I got a wild hair and leapt from my career in corporate design studios to chance it on my own. From art school, through my time working at companies including Ford, Reebok, and Timberland, I catalogued my colorwork in endless sketchbooks. Fascinated by the emerging online creative community and voice social media offered independent designers, I was inspired to reinterpret my journals into a color blog. In May 2009, Design Seeds was launched for all who love color.”

Do you receive a newsletter that you believe should be in everybody’s inbox? Share your favorites in the comments and I’ll check them out.

A01 Writing Board by Afteroom Studio

Makers To Watch

I have so many great finds to share with you this week, you might seriously have a productivity problem if you’re reading this at work. You’ve been warned.
I discovered the A01 Writing Board via Minimalissimo and I want it. Designed for Swedish furniture brand Lintex by Afteroom Studio, this gorgeous memo board is a modern design lover’s dream come true.

Sodatsu art print by The Visual Romance

If you are a fan of beautiful art with vibrant colors, you’ll want to see what The Visual Romance has to offer. I am especially enamored with María Hernández’s Sodatsu art print. Those rich colors are calling my name! You really need to see this collection.

Cream Jasper Earrings by Sarah Safavi via Berte

A well-curated shop is a dreamy thing and right now my favorite is Aimée deSimone’s Berte. A newsletter from Berte landed in my inbox, celebrating the arrival of an exclusive collection of handmade jewelry by Salt Lake City based designer Sarah Safavi. These pieces are simply sublime and you will definitely get lost in this stunningly-designed shop. Aimée has been featured in a few sweet places on the interwebs, like on Sight Unseen and Seek Minimal. Hopefully we’ll have a fresh interview with this talented creative on IATL soon.
A few more superb finds stuck out to me this week, like these slip on running shoes by Feit, everything in Mary MacGill’s online shop, denim from Benzak and Muller Blucher Boots from Helm. One more must-see find: Annie Bukhman’s sample sale. You do know that the best way to support modern makers is to actually support them, right? Go forth and save!

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