The Design Digest April 24, 2019

This week’s Design Digest is brought to you by the herbal blend I’m taking to get over this nasty cold! I have a nice mix of makers to share with you, so hang onto your seats and enjoy the ride.

Woven Pearl Earrings by Mary MacGill Studio

Makers To Watch

Mary MacGill Studio is showcasing a new collection of absolutely stunning pearl jewelry. These pieces remind me of celestial bodies in orbit and their randomness gives them an ethereal feel. You need to see this collection for yourself. Start here.

Woven Collar by Mary MacGill Studio

For more jewelry inspiration, take a look at Cornelia Webb’s unreal collection. These new pieces were inspired by Cornelia’s trip to Bali and will make you look at coral in a new light. Speaking of new jewelry, I’m in the process of building a new way of discovering modern makers on Etsy and you’ll see pieces from Sheinfeld Rodriguez, Eni Jewellery and Abbie Gaiger.

Half Moon Earrings by Johanne Ratté via Chic & Basta.

One more great jewelry maker to watch is brought to you by Chic & Basta. These Half Moon earrings are designed by Johanne Ratté and have a little touch of Monet in them. Chic & Basta have expanded their range of modern handmade goods to include more jewelry and they’ve chosen the best of the best to feature.

Honey Gold Bib Apron by Valentich Goods

One of the finds I’m most excited about this week comes from Valentich Goods I’m going to fanboy a bit about them right now; you’ve been warned. Besides their branding WHICH I LOVE, this shop has some really great creations in it. I’m stuck on the restaurant aprons right now. I don’t know why I want them all, but I do. The Honey Gold and the Classic Indigo are the standouts for me. That sideways pocket makes me CRAZY! There are a ton of other things to discover in this shop, so head over and drool with me.

Classic Indigo Apron by Valentich Goods

Here’s some folks I have on my interview wishlist: the team behind Hardgraft. If you’ve been around the maker’s web universe for as long as I have, you’ve seen Hardgraft’s incredible products and their minimal and yet lush product photography. I’m going to send an email over to see if I can finally secure and interview after almost 10 years of trying. Let’s see what happens.
A few more things to keep on your radar:

  • Berte shop has new stationery and you need to see them. I interviewed this amazing shop’s owner and I think you need to read it.
  • Sollis jewelry is having a seasonal sale. This modern collection has been a favorite of mine. How in the world anyone has the patience to create those beaded wonders is beyond me.
  • Otherland has a new collection of candles for spring. These are some of the most gorgeously designed candles on the planet. I should start a candle of the month series and share with you all the candle makers I’m obsessed with.
  • Is anyone out there a fan of THISISPAPER? They keep producing great content and sharing amazing new products. Take a look here.
  • Porcelain and Stone has some many great pieces in their current collection, I wouldn’t know where to start. Hop over and see what stands out to you.