The PAL Electric Scooter by LAYER x NIO

File this under: Things I want! The PAL electric scooter is a collaboration between Benjamin Hubert’s experience design agency LAYER and Chinese electric vehicle company NIO and was launched at the Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019 this past April.

Scooter PAL x NIO y LAYER from dis-up! on Vimeo.

Described as a “smart modular personal transport system”, PAL is more than a scooter. With the ability to affix accessories like a basket and a handy backpack, PAL is designed to adjust to the changing needs of its user. Utilizing machine learning, PAL actually become accustomed to its user’s routes and, over time, becomes autonomous. Users stay connected via bluetooth and the NIO NOMI system either by smartwatch or phone. This innovative system allows PAL to responds to simple voice commands and requests, such as “What’s the best route?”, “Take me to work” or “How much battery is left?”.

On the design front, PAL is made from graphene-coated carbon fibre, an exceptionally strong and lightweight material, designed to be user-friendly, energy efficient and durable. The soft and minimalistic lines are nicely accented with calming hues of baby blue and natural wood, giving this near-future concept a look of uncomplicated sophistication. According to LAYER, “PAL has pressure sensitive suspension for “lean steering” – the user leans forward to increase speed, back to decrease speed, and carves left or right to turn. Individual motors in each front wheel hub enable independent “wheel speed” steering, in which the wheel speed varies to turn the vehicle.”

From the designer: “At LAYER, we believe that the future is autonomous and sustainable, and it is important to create products that offer more convenience without inconveniencing the planet. PAL is a near-future concept for a nimble “last-mile” electric vehicle that addresses the growing congestion and population density of our cities and offers a possible solution to these challenges. The vehicle has been designed to express lifestyle values and sensibilities, rather than with an overtly tech-driven language, creating harmony between the way people think about their home and transport in the future.” – Benjamin Hubert, Founder LAYER

Learn more about this amazing concept and see more from LAYER here.

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