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June .21

Daily Diary 06.07.21: Looking for a suitable replacement for those tired and worn sandles you own? A vegan option that I am really digging is from Chacos. I discovered them over at my favorite outdoorsy daily read, Field Mag. The Chillos slide in green is calling my name and I intend to answer. My typeface of the week belongs to the one you are seeing here. It’s called General Sans, it’s by Fontshare, and I loooove it. Oh, and it’s free for commerical and personal use. Go. And. Get. It. Looking for the perfect snack? (And by perfect, I always mean chocolate.) This is what you want.

Daily Diary 06.08.21: Like a lot of folks, I’ve been keenly interested in the present and future of independent content creation. Personally, I’m not opposed to paying for the goods, especially if it is, you know, good. For example Brand New. I don’t think there is a better place to sit, explore, and read good commentary on branding. The commenting community there is pretty tame, compared to the rest of the snarky/angry/why-are-you-so-mean internets. For just $20 a year, you can support a great site and enjoy superb discussion. Dowel Jones is having a lockdown sale. I’m not in need of anything but if I were, I’d definitely replace my barstools with those Half Hurdle High Chairs. Speaking of cool Australian brands, has anyone else heard of Great Wrap, the world’s first compostable cling wrap? I’d love to know if it actually works. Oh, and yes Design Milk, I do want a Bowlus, thank you.
Daily Diary 06.09.21: My office setup has been on my brain for the past few days and I keep finding cool things that I’d like to incorporate. First, this Taxa table by Sun Noon Park. I don’t want to spoil your exploration, so all I’m going to say is LOOK AT THOSE LEGS! What an incredible design! A good candle is never too far away from my desk and I literally LOL’d when I saw AMASS’ new The Art of Staying In candle. I mean, eucalyptus, camomile, and lavender in a candle? Lastly, I didn’t not expect to fall in love with a reimagined milk crate, but HAY took care of that. Those colors?! They come in 3 sizes and I want them all.
Daily Diary 06.10.21: Field Mag featured this amazing cabin and I want to go to there. Designed by Casey Brown Architecture, the Permanent Camping II is copper, wood, and wonderful. Looking for a trio of candles to enliven your space? Get a 15% discount when you buy one of Mizu’s lux creations. These aesthetically pleasing candles are sure to elevate your mood. ReadyMag is an alternative content management platform that has been pushing web design into interesting places. If you are looking for a WordPress or Squarespace alternative, check out their gallery. You’ll get lost in a good way over there. When I saw the trio of mugs, designed by Atelier Tréma and found in the Chic & Basta shop, I thought of the 3 Bears of the Goldilock’s tale. Except these are better at holding drinks than scaring innocent children. (Why are fairy tales so macabre?)
Daily Diary 06.11.21: When is a drinking glass more than just a vessel for delivering liquids to your lips? It becomes so in the hands of the talented team over at YEILD. Their new Century Glassware is a gorgeous collection of everyday glasses that come in 3 sizes and 4 tones, including my fave, Amber. Revised has had a tab open in my browser all week, due to that crazy-cool Bramber. If you love to garden, like a little vintage style, and want work of art on your porch, this checks all the boxes. Speaking of gardens, get your bonsai education over at Bonsai Mirai. There is so much to love over there, including some stunning handmade ceramics for your precious mini marvels. It’s a clear and lovely day here on the Big Island, the perfect day for a bike ride. If I had one, this is the one it would be, via Tokyobike. See you folks on Monday! Podcast episode 1 is coming…
Daily Diary 06.14.21: My inbox on Monday usually hosts a bountiful bombardment of design-related newsletters and updates, so it can be a challenge to sift through all the noise to find the good stuff. But it’s a must if I’m going to have things to share, so the deep dive continues. One highlight was discovering Nyyukin via the Monocle Newsletter. These customizable jewelry pieces are modern and bold. It’s an idea that needs its day in the sun and with designs like these, that day is a glorious one. Portland, OR is always on my yearly travel list. Good food, great shops, and that Saturday downtown farmers market! One of my favorite stops is Tender Loving Empire and this t-shirt gave me the Portland Blues. Maybe this year we go? You have discovered Oddbird, yes? I really love this shop and have put things in and out of my cart over there for way too long. I have a sweet collection of Turkish towels and I need to add a few of theirs.
Daily Diary 06.15.21: DEN continues to produce stunning home plans and their Alpine 2.1 is no exception. This two-story house plan is the perfect small home, which would look perfectly in place in the mountains, the country, or in my case, the mountainous countryside of Kamuela. Tappan has curated a sumptuous feast of color for all of you art lovers. There are some stellar picks in this collection. Here’s another tiny house worth drooling over, thanks to those fine folks at Field Mag. Kinfolk for kids? Evidently, the editors over there at Kinfolk think we need it. They’re dropping Kindling 01 on us. One more shot of color for you, this time from Wallpaper Mag. My goodness, those Germans Ermičs glass furnishings are a joy to behold. But, I have to admit: how long would glass furniture last in my house? Need a new WordPress photography theme? Look no further than Themes Kingdom’s Clarita. Minimal and perfect.
Daily Diary 06.16.21: I have shapes and textures on the brain today, so enjoy these incredible finds. First up, I cannot get enough of Hiroko Takeda’s textile artwork via Colony. So intricate and ethereal. Have you heard of John Pawson? Ode to Things has a bowl of his for sale that comes in 4 colors. Yes, it’s mighty expensive for a bowl, but it is a lovely sight. Another celebration of marvelous shapes and angles comes from the Dock 6 Collection. They have the Kakudo Bench, designed by Lagomorph Design. This bleach maple marvel is my dream table. Imagine eating a meal on that thing?! Lastly, this branding for Restaurante Cuia by Studio Rebu is outstanding. Simple bowl shapes never looked so good!
Daily Diary 06.17.21: Back in the heyday of blogging, I used to featured a select few makers on a regular basis and the folks at TAIT were on that list. There is so much to love about Matt and Audrey’s handmade collection of goods, but I want to take a moment and focus on their new Wall Clocks. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen faces so sublime as these. The colors are just so perfect. I mean, come on now, who doesn’t want a clock in the color of Sunshine? You just have to hop over and see all 5 of these silent clocks. I wish more folks knew about TAIT and what’s they’re making over there in Detroit. Looking for something smaller? Try their just-as-perfect desk clocks. Spending time in their shop reminded me of just how much I used to love focusing on makers and makes me think that maybe I need to ramp that back up again. What do you think? While you are thinking it over (and you can send me your thoughts at hello@iamthelab.com), take a look at this branding for Hoplark. Aren’t those cans fun?