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Architecture 06.21

I eat a lot of mushrooms and I would like to eat this mushroom house. Seriously, architecture studio ZJJZ Atelier designed this stunning wonder in the Chinese province of Jiangxi and I haven’t been able to get it out of my brain-heart ever since. You can see a video via Dezeen and enjoy a visual journey via IGNANT.

Just in case you haven’t discovered Coco Lapine’s long-running interior design blog, let me tempt you to make a visit with this Norm Architecture home. If calm and stylish retreats are your thing, this is your place.  via Coco Lapine Design.

London’s ‘Don’t Move, Improve’ competition has yielded some exciting and innovative interior design projects. The winner, Studio Ben Allen’s splendid House Recast, is a knockout. As a fan of small spaces and colorful abodes, this one ticks all the boxes. Folks, that jade colored bathroom with the arched ceiling is UNBELIVEABLE. via Wallpaper.

I refuse to hid my love for DEN and their A-frame house plans just move that adoration into the obsessive category. LOOK AT IT! Get the plans via DEN.

Rebekka Bay and Ricky Nordson’s apartment located in Copenhagen is what comes to mind when I think of minimalistic Scandinavian design. So bright and welcoming, uncluttered and refined. via Ark Journal

This is the Bollbacken Cottage by Söderberg Söderberg. I don’t usually gravitate toward red anything, but this reimagined soldier’s cottage looks like a retreat worth visiting. The fireplace looks like it has a rather large forehead, but it’s hiding something. See what it is. via THISISPAPER.

Art 06.21

Maybe you’ve never considered plaster wall art as an option. The talented Kristina Krogh will change that for you. It’s hard to decide on a single piece to focus your attention on, but I have to because I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of her work in the future. My choice for today would be the Melt Relief · Earth No. 1. How can you resist that ombre? If a sigh of contented joy were a piece of art, this would be it. via Kristina Krogh
I discovered Tracey Adam’s 44 Abstract painting on Pamano and I just love it. Combining encaustic, collage and oil, this painting mixes almost candy-like colors and white space to perfection. via Pomono

It’s hard not to fall in love with Jonathan Gemmell’s colorful landscapes. Sun Goes Down is a marvel that comes in 4 sizes and a natural oak frame. Blending a dreamy sky with a growing concentration of color, this print will brighten any space.

Vanha Lam’s art is so captivating. Her work featured abstract shapes augmented by folds and layers. I can’t imagine how much time and attention it takes to fold paper the way she does, but there is no denying the genius of it. Slow down and enjoy this collection. via Tappan

I would love to hear your thoughts on Salman
portrait art. Salmon uses thick strokes of paint to create dynamic faces that somehow manages to feel both abstract and full of life. via Ignant

Hardedger is a great art hotspot, that continues to introduce me to incredible artists. They recently spotlighted Cologne, Germany’s  Lars Kreyssig whose abstract art is bold and powerful. It’s the kind of art that celebrates both simplicity and unbridled creativity.

There is something so enthralling about Ethan Caflisch’s looking through a crack in the wall. It’s uncomplicated, understated, and absolutely mesmerizing. via Tappan
The limits of the internet become clear when you view Hiroko Takeda’s Giant Waffle textile art pieces. It’s not hard to admire them, but they sure seem like the kind of art that needs to be touched. via Colony
What appears to be simple textile art is really a mediation on patience and light. That’s how I’d describe Ida Vikfors’ minimalistic creations. I via IGNANT

You have to take the time to see the one-of-a-kind paper art by Danish artist Amanda Betz. How in the world does anyone have the patience to fold paper like this? I discovered her work on Alium, which has more art to admire and collect.

Craft 06.21

I always get lost over at Wallpaper. Maybe because they have that whole ‘see this article and then another one will magically appear at the end’ thing. Thankfully, they share amazing makers and artists, like this post that showcases a ton of amazing rugs. A favorite? The ‘Untitled 01’ rug by Carsten Beck Nielsen. You can put the art on the wall and under your feet too. Who doesn’t wan that?  via Wallpaper
The science of scent is an intriguing field and The Nue Co. wants to bring that science close to home. Their scents are patented and are designed to help lift your mood, like Forest Lungs. Sounds interesting and worth a try. Who’s with me?  via The Nue Co.
Is it a bench or is it a shelf? That’s the question that came to mind when I found these stacking benches by by Shawn Maximo over at Tortuga. Inspired by inspired by 19th century Campaign furniture, these belted wonders are future classics. via Tortuga
If you haven’t discovered WorkOf, let the Single Button Stool by Yvonne Mouser, change that. This gorgeous and handcrafted stool is made from solid ash and features bentwood handles. It’s part of a quartet that sings beautifully together.  via WorkOf
Hasami Porcelain celebrates the time-honored tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. I’ve seen it in a few places online, but I knew I had to feature it when it showed up in the Design Anthology shop. It’s one of my favorite magazines and they have superb taste over there. via Design Anthology

Looking for an affordable and vegan desk pad? It took me some time to find the right one, but I’m glad I did. The Grovemade team always seems to know how to give the people what they want. Made from cork, linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour and calcium carbonate, this linoleum pad has held up nicely. via Grovemade

Food 06.21

Acid League is a brand of vinegars and vinaigrettes that are stunning to behold. The branding is gorgeous and the varieties look pretty inviting. I’ll probably try the Apple Cider Maple first and compare it to my usual ACV. Acid league also has a magazine.  via Acid League

Gorgeous branding and a selection of beverages with some wild ingredients is what makes NON so appealing to me. I mean, caramelized pear and combo? That combination sounds so radical that I feel like I just have to try it. Free shipping in Australia. via NON

I’m really into non-alcoholic spirits right now and Amass has my attention with Revirine. The ingredient list sounds like a botanical salad that must make for some stellar concoctions. I mean juniper, coriander, apple, and mint? I need to give this a try. via AMASS

I often visit The Dieline for the branding inspiration, however I did not expect to leave so hungry. OK, the headline should have probably given it away:”Shut Your Pie Hole And Check Out Snap Pies: Plant-Based Tasty Pies“. These vegan pies make me miss travel. Thanks, Dieline! via The Dieline

Graphic Design 06.21

It’s not hard to see why so many have given a thumbs up to Nuket Güner’s branding for Nello Music. I mean, that icon alone is a thing of beauty! The entire project is sublime. via Nuket Güner @ Behance
While I don’t think I actually need the reMarkable 2 tablet, I am certainly intrigued by it. Purported to be the world’s thinnest tablet, it has a screen that feel like paper, which really does sound amazing. What had kept this piece of tech on my radar is the packaging design by Oslo-based Goods. Everything about it makes me want to get that box in my hand.  via Goods @ Behance
Is it possible for a can of anything tp make you feel joyful before you ever open it? If you think the answer is no, you probably haven’t seen this incredible project for LE KETCH. Designed by
Véronique Lafortune and Florence Boudier for BillyClub, the branding for this microbrewery definitely radiates joy and fun. via Behance
You might think I have beverages on the brain and you might be just right. What other conclusion could you arrive at, after you see this collection of fantastically designed beverages over at AIGA’s Eye on Design. via Eye on Design
Sophisticated aesthetics characterize this reinvention of Harvey Nichol’s food packaging range. The team over at Alphabet surely delivered. There is a retro vibe to this project, but it’s definitely smart and modern. via Alphabet @ Behance
I love a good logo trend report and this one by Logo Lounge, one of the longest-running sites dedicated to logos, delivers. There are some outstanding design on display. Definitely worth a viewing. Part of the fun of having a report like this is seeing how many of these trends you can spot before the year is over. via Logo Lounge

Print 06.21

Monocle continues to make sure that we have tangible treasures to hold in 2021. I’m so ready to get my hands on the Monocle Book of Homes, after already adding the Book of Italy to my library. This gorgeous collection of 20 homes is sure to be as considered and informative as everything Monocle does. via Monocle

I am so thrilled to share Touchy Feely with you. If you are a lover of books and paper, this is a double treat. Jon Chapman-Smith;s Fuman studio has created this lush display of the quality of papers offered by Rives. This really is a wonderful to help paper makers have their work seen and cherished. via It’s Nice That

My obsession with indie magazines has inspired me to add a number of new titles to my collection and Openhouse is on my ‘Next in Line’ list. The latest issue, No. 15 looks splendid. I actually have their book, Living In in my collection, added this year. I really need to take the plunge and get an issue of the magazine. Digital editions are available for instance gratification. via Openhouse

If you are looking for an international perspective on design, you can’t go wrong with Disegno. It’s a title that seems to be a must-have for the creative Intelligentsia. via Disegno
Hole & Corner is really a must-have for those who love handmade goods. Their next issue is a tome to refocusing. There really is something special about H&C. I suggest signing up to their newsletter as well. Oh, and grab a copy of their book, The Story of Tools. I have it in my library and I love it. via Hole & Corner
Cereal Magazine is offering their latest edition, Volume 21. It’s hard to describe the absolute lux that Cereal embodies. Each issue is a visual treasure of culture, design, and so much more. It’s a calming read for the educated soul. via Cereal

Style 06.21

Austin, Texas-based Esby has a shop of sustainable clothing and accessories that embodies subtle and thoughtful style. This Viola Dress is a flowing dream of lien and gold. My goodness, I just love this shop . via Esby

I will always sing the praises of Chic & Basta. The ability of the talented pair up there in Montreal to find worthwhile handmade goods is par excellence. Here’s an example: the Sutton scarf from the uber-talented France Dechberry aka Princesse & Dragon. The colors work in any season and looks so comfortable and chic. via Chic & Basta

Don’t even get me started with Alex Mill. Every time I get one of their emails in my inbox, I can feel my wallet twitching because I literally want to revamp my wardrobe and get every single piece. I’ll settle for this jumpsuit that I’ve had my eyes on for weeks. It’s looks so comfy and those giant pockets need my hands in them. via Alex Mill
Another new obsession of mine is Prospective Flow. These handmade goods are incredible. Signing up to their newsletter is the best way to get your hands on new and bespoke items once they are released. via Perspective Flow
Industry pros Adam Shapiro, Dan May and Gautam Rajani have created a splendid collection of effortless style for men called SMR Days. So many pieces that need to find a place in your wardrobe. On my to-get list right now is the Agadir shirt and Malibu trousers. My summer days wardrobe would be complete if I had it. via SMR Days
Hiut Denim Co. has a collection of handmade denim that highlights what happens when you make one thing and you make it right.. via Hiut Denim Co.

Typography 06.21

This thick and fun typeface called KT Corn looks like it would bring a funky touch to headlines and branding. Those oval counters are smile-inducing. It’s a typeface  named after corn. How can you go wrong? via Behance

Here’s a bold and free typeface from Daler Mukhiddinov. Modernia is an all-caps stencil typeface that would pair well with a modern sans serif. Give it a spin and tell me what you think. via Behance

Ognjen Gligorijević has designed the Grivel Typeface. It’s another example of a very modern typeface with great potential. It leans and fluctuates like life itself. via Behance

Looking for a complete typeface family to play around with? Give Spacetype Foundary’s Garet a spin. It’s a modern geometric sans serif with 11 weights and corresponding italics. Clean and super flexible, this one deserves a place in your font library. via Behance

I’m including this Letters&Words project by Nuket Güner because it is just so fun to look at. I mean, those curves are crazy! Love it!
via Behance
Planc font family consists of 10 weights including matching italics with extended Latin character set. It is a designer-friendly typeface with extra symbols, standard-old style,tabular-proportional numbers, arrow sets, and stylistic alternates. via Behance

You’ll have a hard time denying that Eiko is, as the designers describe it, elegant and refined. Pangram Pangram Foundry have created a showcase for this stunning typeface that will mesmerize you. Eiko comes in 8 styles with 1247 glyphs each. Designed by Campinas, Brazil’s Inari Type. via Pangram Pangram

Web Design 06.21

For The Love of Bread is a genius and artistic deep dive into one of the most basic and celebrated ingredients. A visual exploration of bread from the mind of Andrew Connole, the founder of Australia’s Sonoma Baking Co., this web experience will surely heighten your love for artisanal bread. It’s sadly the closest I’m going to be able to get to gluten without going into anaphylactic shock. via For The Love Of Bread

First, I feel like I need to say this: I can’t imagine how much Cowboy had to pay to get this domain. It must have cost a small fortune! Thankfully, I am totally enamored with their electric bikes. Chunky in all the right places and a gorgeous app experience to match? Sign. Me. Up. This website is designed to perfection and totally does the job of getting you (OK, me) completely sold on the joys of electric cycling. via Cowboy

New South Wales-based Hey Gents just rebranded and has evolved to become Softer Volumes. This is a superb destination for lovers of contemporary design and travel. With a somber color palette and carefully selected array of goods, spaces, and destinations, this is a site for those who love all things modern and well-designed. I hope they continue their print magazine under this new name. via Softer Volumes

MADE THOUGHT is a design studio with offices in London and Brooklyn. Their portfolio is a stellar example of a site well-designed. They’ve worked with some pretty big brands, but their work for The Neu Co. is a personal favorite. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are a as design studio, your website has to look the part and this one certainly does.. via MADE THOUGHT

The New Era has all the things I love. First, they have a stunning and crisp website that covers a lot of the categories that are a part of my daily creative consumption. Secondly, a handsome print magazine that needs to make its way from Scandinavia to my little house in Hawaii. This is a media experience that typifies what I want to accomplish with IAMTHELAB: slow, enjoyable, and deliberate reading.