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Architecture 06.21

I eat a lot of mushrooms and I would like to eat this mushroom house. Seriously, architecture studio ZJJZ Atelier designed this stunning wonder in the Chinese province of Jiangxi and I haven’t been able to get it out of my brain-heart ever since. You can see a video via Dezeen and enjoy a visual journey via IGNANT.

Just in case you haven’t discovered Coco Lapine’s long-running interior design blog, let me tempt you to make a visit with this Norm Architecture home. If calm and stylish retreats are your thing, this is your place.  via Coco Lapine Design.

London’s ‘Don’t Move, Improve’ competition has yielded some exciting and innovative interior design projects. The winner, Studio Ben Allen’s splendid House Recast, is a knockout. As a fan of small spaces and colorful abodes, this one ticks all the boxes. Folks, that jade colored bathroom with the arched ceiling is UNBELIVEABLE. via Wallpaper.

I refuse to hid my love for DEN and their A-frame house plans just move that adoration into the obsessive category. LOOK AT IT! Get the plans via DEN.

Rebekka Bay and Ricky Nordson’s apartment located in Copenhagen is what comes to mind when I think of minimalistic Scandinavian design. So bright and welcoming, uncluttered and refined. via Ark Journal

This is the Bollbacken Cottage by Söderberg Söderberg. I don’t usually gravitate toward red anything, but this reimagined soldier’s cottage looks like a retreat worth visiting. The fireplace looks like it has a rather large forehead, but it’s hiding something. See what it is. via THISISPAPER.