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Art 06.21

Maybe you’ve never considered plaster wall art as an option. The talented Kristina Krogh will change that for you. It’s hard to decide on a single piece to focus your attention on, but I have to because I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of her work in the future. My choice for today would be the Melt Relief · Earth No. 1. How can you resist that ombre? If a sigh of contented joy were a piece of art, this would be it. via Kristina Krogh
I discovered Tracey Adam’s 44 Abstract painting on Pamano and I just love it. Combining encaustic, collage and oil, this painting mixes almost candy-like colors and white space to perfection. via Pomono

It’s hard not to fall in love with Jonathan Gemmell’s colorful landscapes. Sun Goes Down is a marvel that comes in 4 sizes and a natural oak frame. Blending a dreamy sky with a growing concentration of color, this print will brighten any space.

Vanha Lam’s art is so captivating. Her work featured abstract shapes augmented by folds and layers. I can’t imagine how much time and attention it takes to fold paper the way she does, but there is no denying the genius of it. Slow down and enjoy this collection. via Tappan

I would love to hear your thoughts on Salman
portrait art. Salmon uses thick strokes of paint to create dynamic faces that somehow manages to feel both abstract and full of life. via Ignant

Hardedger is a great art hotspot, that continues to introduce me to incredible artists. They recently spotlighted Cologne, Germany’s  Lars Kreyssig whose abstract art is bold and powerful. It’s the kind of art that celebrates both simplicity and unbridled creativity.

There is something so enthralling about Ethan Caflisch’s looking through a crack in the wall. It’s uncomplicated, understated, and absolutely mesmerizing. via Tappan
The limits of the internet become clear when you view Hiroko Takeda’s Giant Waffle textile art pieces. It’s not hard to admire them, but they sure seem like the kind of art that needs to be touched. via Colony
What appears to be simple textile art is really a mediation on patience and light. That’s how I’d describe Ida Vikfors’ minimalistic creations. I via IGNANT

You have to take the time to see the one-of-a-kind paper art by Danish artist Amanda Betz. How in the world does anyone have the patience to fold paper like this? I discovered her work on Alium, which has more art to admire and collect.