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The Digest

09.19.21: After you review these packaging designs, you will be hungry and thirsty. The 2021 Dieline Awards winners were revealed back in May and there are some really cool food products in the mix. There is a little something there for all design lovers. Like minimalism? Check out United Sodas of America. Speaking from firsthand experience, these sodas look as good as they taste. Similarly, Nice Cream by Work by Works Studio is a study in branding restraint with splendid results. Also worth checking out is FLWRPWR and its groovy late 60s early 70s vibe. There’s so much to see here and totally worth the slow drive. A newer find on The Dieline is Monty’s plant-based spreads. Day Job blended type and color with great success.

Print & Ink

This book: Kinfolk Travel book. To say that Kinfolk is a brand that has personified modern design is a grand understatement. For awhile, it seemed that Kinfolk’s potent influence was everywhere, inspiring others to launch brands, both digital and print, that endeavored to capitalize on its esthetic and ethos. I personally feel that things have leveled out somewhat for the brand. It still seem to holds a steady grip on the creative zeitgeist. Pursuing through their magazines and growing library of books is a serene pleasure. If Kinfolk Travel is anything like their recent garden book, also helmed by editor and chief John Burns, then it will be a welcome edition to the IAMTHELAB Library. You can pre-order the book now at Is there anything more lovely than preordering a book and being surprised when it finally arrives, fresh printed and ready to enjoy?

This book:  Living In via Openhouse

This calendar: 2022 Basic Diary in multiple colors by Marjolein Delhaas

This magazine: Sowing Seed Magazine

Life & Style

This collection: Handmade clothes from Perspective Flow. I was introduced to Prospective Flow via Wallpaper and haven’t stopped obsessing over this brand of sustainable, handmade clothing. (Click the Wallpaper link to see a few more notable brands to pay attention to.) The 3 brothers behind the brand, Daisuke, Yusuke and Kensuke Muramatsu, have mastered the art of studying the past to inform their future-forward collection. I’ve spent way too much time combing through their offerings and I’m signed up to their newsletter so I can discover new items as they arrive. The clothing is comfortable and clearly pay homage to vintage Japanese designs while paying attention to how we wear clothing today. Do not skip checking out their accessories as well, especially those rope belts. Love!

This dress: Viols Dress by Esby
This scarf: Sutton scarf by France Dechberry aka Princesse & Dragon via Chic & Basta
This collection: Adam Shapiro, Dan May and Gautam Rajani’s SMR Days

This necklace: Lilah necklace by Zelma Rose

This coat: Mijeong Park – Padded Long Trench in Light Green by Mary MacGill Studio

This jumpsuit: Field Jumpsuit by Alex Mill
This denim: Handmade denim from Hiut Denim Co.
This dress: The Piaget dress by DÉSIRÉEKLEIN

This necklace: Sassolini necklace by Maddalena Bearzi

This bag: Fold Weekender Revised in Natural Canvas by Makr

This bag: Shopper Bag Stitched by Mia Mélange

Graphics & Type

This site: The New Era Magazine website is a stunning combination of a growing collection of articles featuring modern makers, designers, and architecture. They also have what looks like a compelling companion magazine. There have been quite a few blog/magazine hybrids launched in the past few years. Openhouse and Cereal come to mind as examples that are worth exploring. It’s nice to see another worthy entry in this category of content creation. The New Era leans into creativity with a decidedly Scandinavian flair, showcasing interiors, design, art and craft. The website is clear and crisp with a pair of menus and a huge masthead that shrinks away as you scroll. On the content front, the interviews are insightful and contemplative, like their recent discussion with Swedish wood artisan Daniel Wester. I’d really like to get my hands on their print magazine and will hopefully do so before the year is over. They launched their 3rd issue this month and it looks just as creatively potent as the first two. Each issue is substantial in size and appear to be worth the cost. I’ll be sure to give you a run down in a future Print & Ink spotlight.

This typeface: Eiko by  Pangram Pangram Foundary
This site: The Neu Co. by MADE THOUGHT
This typeface: Grivel Typeface by Ognjen Gligorijević via Behance
This site: Cowboy electric bicycle
This typeface: KT Corn by Koch Type via Behance
This branding: Nuket Güner’s branding for Nello Music via Behance
This report: Beverage branding inspiration via AIGA’s Eye on Design
This report: 2021 Logo Trend Report via Logo Lounge
This typeface: Modernia by  Daler Mukhiddinov via Behance
This branding: Harvey Nichol‘s food packaging range by Alphabet via Behance
This typeface: Spacetype Foundary’s Garet via Behance
This project: Letters&Words project by Nuket Güner via Behance
This branding: LE KETCH branding designed by Véronique Lafortune and Florence Boudier for BillyClub via Behance
This site: The Neu Co. by MADE THOUGHT
This typeface: Planc font family by Taner Ardali via Behance
This packaging: reMarkable 2 packaging design by Goods via Behance

Food & Drink

This candy bar: Mixing amazing branding and scrumptious-sounding flavors, Gigantic is a candy bar brand that is screaming to be tasted. That’s not an insult; go to the Gigantic website and tell me you didn’t hear GIGANTIC! in your ears. The regular four flavors sound amazing enough: Salted Peanut, Banana Pecan, Hazelnut Cafe and Almond Horchata. Then they went and added a seasonal Smashing Pumpkin flavor. The bars are gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar. Even if you are not a big candy consumer, the Gigantic website is a joy to behold. The branding is a home run, designed by the super-talented folks over at Gander. Little wonder that The Dieline gave them 1st place at their design awards this year.

This vinegar: Apple Cider Maple vinegar by Acid League
This drink: Caramelized pear and kombu non-alcoholic drink by NON
This drink: Revirine non-alcoholic drink by AMASS

This pie: Snap Pies vegan pies via The Dieline

This spice:  Moonflowers Saffron via The Dieline

This ice cream: Sunscoop vegan ice cream

This cookie dough: Deux vegan & gluten-free cookie dough

Arts & Craft

This art: Melt Relief · Earth No. 1 by Kristina Krogh. If you are looking to be mesmerized by art, look no further than the exquisite work of Danish artist, Kristina Krogh. Follow me over to her website, via the links provided and let’s take a look. The piece I selected is entitled Melt Relief – Earth No. 1. This one of a kind textural masterpiece is made from wood, plaster, and acrylics. It reminds me of an aerial view of overlapping rice fields. The subtle touch of honey colored hues gives it a calming and meditative quality. You would do yourself a world of good to explore her entire collection. It’s tremendous. There are prints to marvel over as well. I’d love to hear which piece of Kristina’s art you’d like to add to your permanent collection.
This art: 44 Abstract by Tracey Adams via Pomono
This bench: Stacking benches by by Shawn Maximo via Tortuga >
This artist: Vanha Lam’s via Tappan
This art:  Salman Khoshroo’s portrait art via via Ignant
This stool: The Single Button Stool by Yvonne Mouser via WorkOf
This desk pad: Vegan desk pad via Grovemade
This artist: Lars Kreyssig via Hardedger


These plans: A-frame house plans via DEN. I always get excited when I see that DEN has released yet another incredible set of house plans. If you haven’t heard of DEN, it is a company that are producing thoughtfully-designed house plans from the Catskills in Upstate NY and shipping all over the world. Click on the link in the show notes and take a look at this wonder. The Alpine 2.1 house has been described as the perfect small modern house and I concur. At 920 square feet (or 85.4 sq. meters) with 24′ foot tall ceilings, the Alpine 2.1 is a perfect blend of comfort and restraint. It satisfies my love for minimal esthetics and refinement. A highlight for me is the open living room area with that wondrous wall of windows. If you could build a home like this, where would you put it?

This house: Es Pou House in Formentera by Marià Castelló via THISISPAPER

This house: Camp Roig by Durietz Design via The Spaces