Daily Diary

Find all of my daily diary entries here. Trust me, I forget what I chat about, too. Have a cool design tip you’d like to share? Send them to hello@iamthelab.com with ‘Daily Diary Tip’ in the subject line.

Daily Diary 07.21.21: It’s time to upgrade your library with a trio of well-designed books. First up is Evergreen Architecture. This stunning book takes a closer look at how architects have used flora in the built environment and the reasoning behind it. Secondly, Out of the Woods explores the use of one of mankind’s oldest building materials and the innovative ways it is still being used in the 21st century. Lastly, with so many of us adding gardens to our homes and spaces, The Gardens of Eden gives readers an insider’s look at some of the projects defining modern gardening. All 3 books can be found at Gestalten.

Daily Diary 07.19.21: So many great finds for you today! I’ll start with one of the best things I’ve seen so far this month: the bi-weekly manga from Tokyo Bike. This beautifully drawn comic series is sure to bring a smile to your face. I adore it. Speaking of smiling, go to Sight Unseen and check out their post on Brothers Fearon Fabrication. Seriously fun collection that I just can’t get over. Need more fun? Go dream about playing on one of Sean Woolsey’s tables. Sean’s work is always inspiring and these handmade creations are stunningly beautiful. Have you seen Otherland’s candles? Whimsical and fragrant, these are perfect for those looking for a pop of color and good design. Looking for art? Try Michael DeSutter’s hand cut mixed media collages. Tappan really does have some amazing artists in its collection.
Daily Diary 07.15.21: I’ve got design on the brain today, so here are some cool finds that you must see. First, Retrospec has a Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike. Folks, the colors, THE COLORS! Please click over and get lost with me in the adorableness. They have one color called Caterpillar and I need one of my friends to have a baby so I can sent them one, LOL. Next, can a racket be cool? Yes it can, if Two Two makes it. Another incredible reinvention that I didn’t know I needed, but NEED. Third, have you discovered Brand New yet? It’s in my Directory and I wish more folks supported this independent community that celebrates branding. For instance, they recently featured branding for Tuft The World. So fun and now I want to knit. Brand New also features galleries like this one for business cards. It only costs $20 a year to join. Totally worth it. Speaking of branding, Udemy just changed theirs. What do you think?
Daily Diary 07.14.21: It’s always interesting to see how some companies design creative ways to connect with customers. Take for an example, Blu Dot. Blu Dot seems to have an almost endless well of fresh ways to bond with those who love their products. Last year, they started a Swap Meet and it appeared to me to be a great success. It opens again on July 16, 2021 and I intend to enter. Want to see just how effective and, quite frankly, inspiring it was last year? Hit this link to learn more and watch a video showing one of the successful bidders at work. I love this whole promotion so much.
Daily Diary 07.09.21: Here’s a mixed bag of goodies for you, just  enough to get you through the weekend. Don’t forget to take a slow drive through these sites. From the craft universe, I’m enjoying exploring Chelsea Erdner’s Bombabird shop. I see a lot of ceramics in my virtual journeying, A LOT. What I appreciate about Chelsea’s ceramic creations is that it’s obvious that they take time to create. There are just too many textures, tones, and shapes for that to not be the case. Such beautiful things to see! From the print world, I’m wishing for a copy of ARK Journal to show up in my mailbox. Like the website, it looks like a well-designed meditation on art, architecture, and design. I’m still itching to travel again and I feel like I need to order the 8 Opinionated Guides to London from Horton Press. London is the vegan food capital of the continent and I have to do a deep dive if I ever get to go back. One more ceramic treat: Miki Furusho’s earthy collection over at OEN.