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Food 06.21

Acid League is a brand of vinegars and vinaigrettes that are stunning to behold. The branding is gorgeous and the varieties look pretty inviting. I’ll probably try the Apple Cider Maple first and compare it to my usual ACV. Acid league also has a magazine.  via Acid League

Gorgeous branding and a selection of beverages with some wild ingredients is what makes NON so appealing to me. I mean, caramelized pear and combo? That combination sounds so radical that I feel like I just have to try it. Free shipping in Australia. via NON

I’m really into non-alcoholic spirits right now and Amass has my attention with Revirine. The ingredient list sounds like a botanical salad that must make for some stellar concoctions. I mean juniper, coriander, apple, and mint? I need to give this a try. via AMASS

I often visit The Dieline for the branding inspiration, however I did not expect to leave so hungry. OK, the headline should have probably given it away:”Shut Your Pie Hole And Check Out Snap Pies: Plant-Based Tasty Pies“. These vegan pies make me miss travel. Thanks, Dieline! via The Dieline