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Graphic Design 06.21

It’s not hard to see why so many have given a thumbs up to Nuket Güner’s branding for Nello Music. I mean, that icon alone is a thing of beauty! The entire project is sublime. via Nuket Güner @ Behance
While I don’t think I actually need the reMarkable 2 tablet, I am certainly intrigued by it. Purported to be the world’s thinnest tablet, it has a screen that feel like paper, which really does sound amazing. What had kept this piece of tech on my radar is the packaging design by Oslo-based Goods. Everything about it makes me want to get that box in my hand.  via Goods @ Behance
Is it possible for a can of anything tp make you feel joyful before you ever open it? If you think the answer is no, you probably haven’t seen this incredible project for LE KETCH. Designed by
Véronique Lafortune and Florence Boudier for BillyClub, the branding for this microbrewery definitely radiates joy and fun. via Behance
You might think I have beverages on the brain and you might be just right. What other conclusion could you arrive at, after you see this collection of fantastically designed beverages over at AIGA’s Eye on Design. via Eye on Design
Sophisticated aesthetics characterize this reinvention of Harvey Nichol’s food packaging range. The team over at Alphabet surely delivered. There is a retro vibe to this project, but it’s definitely smart and modern. via Alphabet @ Behance
I love a good logo trend report and this one by Logo Lounge, one of the longest-running sites dedicated to logos, delivers. There are some outstanding design on display. Definitely worth a viewing. Part of the fun of having a report like this is seeing how many of these trends you can spot before the year is over. via Logo Lounge