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Print 06.21

Monocle continues to make sure that we have tangible treasures to hold in 2021. I’m so ready to get my hands on the Monocle Book of Homes, after already adding the Book of Italy to my library. This gorgeous collection of 20 homes is sure to be as considered and informative as everything Monocle does. via Monocle

I am so thrilled to share Touchy Feely with you. If you are a lover of books and paper, this is a double treat. Jon Chapman-Smith;s Fuman studio has created this lush display of the quality of papers offered by Rives. This really is a wonderful to help paper makers have their work seen and cherished. via It’s Nice That

My obsession with indie magazines has inspired me to add a number of new titles to my collection and Openhouse is on my ‘Next in Line’ list. The latest issue, No. 15 looks splendid. I actually have their book, Living In in my collection, added this year. I really need to take the plunge and get an issue of the magazine. Digital editions are available for instance gratification. via Openhouse

If you are looking for an international perspective on design, you can’t go wrong with Disegno. It’s a title that seems to be a must-have for the creative Intelligentsia. via Disegno
Hole & Corner is really a must-have for those who love handmade goods. Their next issue is a tome to refocusing. There really is something special about H&C. I suggest signing up to their newsletter as well. Oh, and grab a copy of their book, The Story of Tools. I have it in my library and I love it. via Hole & Corner
Cereal Magazine is offering their latest edition, Volume 21. It’s hard to describe the absolute lux that Cereal embodies. Each issue is a visual treasure of culture, design, and so much more. It’s a calming read for the educated soul. via Cereal