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Life & Style

This collection: Handmade clothes from Perspective Flow. I was introduced to Prospective Flow via Wallpaper and haven’t stopped obsessing over this brand of sustainable, handmade clothing. (Click the Wallpaper link to see a few more notable brands to pay attention to.) The 3 brothers behind the brand, Daisuke, Yusuke and Kensuke Muramatsu, have mastered the art of studying the past to inform their future-forward collection. I’ve spent way too much time combing through their offerings and I’m signed up to their newsletter so I can discover new items as they arrive. The clothing is comfortable and clearly pay homage to vintage Japanese designs while paying attention to how we wear clothing today. Do not skip checking out their accessories as well, especially those rope belts. Love!

This dress: Viols Dress by Esby
This scarf: Sutton scarf by France Dechberry aka Princesse & Dragon via Chic & Basta
This collection: Adam Shapiro, Dan May and Gautam Rajani’s SMR Days

This necklace: Lilah necklace by Zelma Rose

This coat: Mijeong Park – Padded Long Trench in Light Green by Mary MacGill Studio

This jumpsuit: Field Jumpsuit by Alex Mill
This denim: Handmade denim from Hiut Denim Co.
This dress: The Piaget dress by DÉSIRÉEKLEIN

This necklace: Sassolini necklace by Maddalena Bearzi

This bag: Fold Weekender Revised in Natural Canvas by Makr

This bag: Shopper Bag Stitched by Mia Mélange