Web Design

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Web Design 06.21

For The Love of Bread is a genius and artistic deep dive into one of the most basic and celebrated ingredients. A visual exploration of bread from the mind of Andrew Connole, the founder of Australia’s Sonoma Baking Co., this web experience will surely heighten your love for artisanal bread. It’s sadly the closest I’m going to be able to get to gluten without going into anaphylactic shock. via For The Love Of Bread

First, I feel like I need to say this: I can’t imagine how much Cowboy had to pay to get this domain. It must have cost a small fortune! Thankfully, I am totally enamored with their electric bikes. Chunky in all the right places and a gorgeous app experience to match? Sign. Me. Up. This website is designed to perfection and totally does the job of getting you (OK, me) completely sold on the joys of electric cycling. via Cowboy

New South Wales-based Hey Gents just rebranded and has evolved to become Softer Volumes. This is a superb destination for lovers of contemporary design and travel. With a somber color palette and carefully selected array of goods, spaces, and destinations, this is a site for those who love all things modern and well-designed. I hope they continue their print magazine under this new name. via Softer Volumes

MADE THOUGHT is a design studio with offices in London and Brooklyn. Their portfolio is a stellar example of a site well-designed. They’ve worked with some pretty big brands, but their work for The Neu Co. is a personal favorite. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are a as design studio, your website has to look the part and this one certainly does.. via MADE THOUGHT

The New Era has all the things I love. First, they have a stunning and crisp website that covers a lot of the categories that are a part of my daily creative consumption. Secondly, a handsome print magazine that needs to make its way from Scandinavia to my little house in Hawaii. This is a media experience that typifies what I want to accomplish with IAMTHELAB: slow, enjoyable, and deliberate reading.