A Kickstarter We Love: Introducing Crafture, Handmade

Here’s an inspiring Kickstarter project from María Gómez Domínguez, a marketing strategist at Do Go Strategy and designer/maker Rafael Fernandez Sanchez of Oitenta. If you are looking for a curated box of modern handmade goods, this is the project for you!

Crafture is community of independent creators, producing an exclusive and limited collection of modern handmade goods, delivered to you on a quarterly basis. If the goods are as gorgeous as the appear from the promo materials, this is going to be a great box of goodies! Jump in early and get some pretty cool incentives. See them here.

What inspired you to start the Crafture project?
Rafa works as product designer and maker, selling his own handmade objects online, worldwide. He has experience and he knows there are people out there looking for special objects, because they appreciate the attention, the materials, craftsmanship, the story behind these objects, etc. María is a marketing strategist with experience working with small brands, helping them to create a business driven strategy.
We met and tried to work together and one day, in an event Rafa explained the idea of looking for makers out there (he likes to find inspiring makers on Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and work with them to create something different, unique and unrepeatable, offering limited editions made in collaboration with these makers. We where inspired by previous experiences with customers who helped us understand that they appreciate the unique, the story of an object and the exclusivity.

How do you find makers and artists for the project?

We already have a background working locally with some great and young makers, but we also love to search and find people with unique talents. We try to reach out to makers with a special touch for design, photography and social networks, and personality! We found it very easy to find people and we’ve contacted some that are so nice and willing to collaborate! This is very encouraging.

Why should people support makers and purchase handmade?
New makers and designer/makers are living in a golden age right now, because they are aware of the possibilities of a global market. They are making the most of it and making a living of it (also teaching their skills, etc). I think people already value handmade, because they like to own objects that share their values and they like to tell their friends the story about a unique find.
We are increasingly aware of the necessity of avoiding low cost, manufactured objects. Of course it’s not a 100% alternative, but we really think that in some ways, there is a real possibility of consuming less, owning more special things, work with people who use sustainable materials, recycled packaging, etc. Many people won’t, because they think handmade is too expensive, but a lot of people are already convinced that a valuable object, with values and its own history, is worth it.

Crafture: Website | Instagram | Kickstarter