Shops We Love: Handmade Jewelry from Sew A Song

Add this artist to the list of those who understand how great photography can transform an already beautiful collection of handmade jewelry to the next level. Eva Dueñas has created a wonderful collection of modern handmade jewelry, known as Sew A Song, that’s fashion forward and future focused. Mixing geometric shapes and gravity defying angles is a trademark of hers. This contemporary collection is a win for those of you who love handmade jewelry that make a statement without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out Sew A Song on Etsy. Also, spend some time looking at Eva’s past collections. There are so many great pieces to be discovered, past and present.

“Sew a song” is the personal project of Eva Dueñas after 14 years of working as a drafter. The pieces are based on architectural elements, graphic view and elemental lines giving an aesthetic balance between essence, shape and materials. All the pieces are handmade in Barcelona.

“Sew a song” es el proyecto personal de Eva Dueñas después de trabajar 14 años como delineante. Las piezas están basadas en elementos arquitectónicos, punto de vista gráfico y lineas elementales que dan como resultado un equilibrio entre la esencia, forma y materiales. Todas las piezas están hechas a mano en Barcelona.

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